Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's been a MONTH!!??!

I just logged on, like I have been doing to see what others are doing and enjoying myself...; when today, I realized - it's been a month since I have written anything!!!  Uh - ooops!?!  What have I been doing??? NOT sewing, that is for sure!!!  Shopping, yes, I have done that.  Dreading Christmas?? A little...... BUT!!  I got through it and wondered why I thought it was going to be so hard.  It wasn't.  Nothing bad happened, gifts were given and received and the turkey even came out moist!!!

I have been thinking of the New Year though.  A new 12 months to live in. Doing what????  Well.  Finishing things - and - big AND!!!!  Creating things to make my house a home.    I need a Christmas tree skirt.  I am planning on making something for Christmas every month this year - and I think I will start with a skirt in January!!

And I am planning on working diligently on my UFO list - I have 40+ already written down, and I am sure I have things that I have forgotten about........ Every month, I am pulling a 'thing' out of my draw bucket - and what ever I pull - that is what I have to have done by the end of the month!!!!  So,  I, who does not seem to finish ANYTHING.... is planning on having at least 12 things DONE by the end of the year.  I want to have more than that done, but at least the 12 UFO's so I can get these things OFF MY LIST!!! (The list that written write  on it about 3-4 yrs ago "do not add to this list" - has had things put on it anyway...... Not a good thing.  Not at all.  It is embarrassing how long some of these projects have been aging....  Things get better with age right??? Uh, not always.......)

It is funny how little things can make big changes in a persons life.  My friend and I were talking and I want her to call me on the thing I say I want to do, and she will find out if I am actually doing them.  Be accountable.  If I know she will ask, I will probably do it more than if I just keep it to myself.......... And it is the small things that will make a big difference for me.  My 20 minutes of sewing a day is a huge impact on my progress of things.  Things just seem to keep moving along.  When I don't sew, I forget where I was, what I was doing and what is that for??????    Twenty minutes is not much time at all - but it is better than not sewing at all!!

So, if I can do 20 minutes of sewing time, where else can I make the commitment to myself?  Exercise??  Baking?? Freezer meals??  Doing Housework??  hmmmmmm.  All things I want to do - regularly , but don't.  Why not????

Bad Habits.  So.  Lets work on creating Good Habits.  Ones that support my ideas and dreams. Ones that build me up instead of making my feel like I have failed.    Ones that create the life I say I want to live.

On the Bonnie Hunter Orca mystery, I am on Step 3 - have printed off the others, but I have not worked on them yet.  I haven't been sewing!!!!   And I have to be caught up in my sewing commitment by the end of the year - start 2012 with a clean slate and ready to rock!!!!

So, here is my commitment - in case I forget!!
1)  A Christmas item every month:  tree skirt; place mats; table runners; mug rugs; wall hanging; fabric     bowls;   I have more, but this is a good start!!!
2)  All UFO's numbered and numbers put in a bowl - draw a number every month.  Goal - to have it done in that month.  FINISHED!!
3) Keep working on my projects I have going right now - Orca mystery, quilts that need binding (5 right now!) My word wall hanging, finish off my Halloween borders, and the coffee quilt borders...... what else????

Wow, this already feels overwhelming.......

And besides that I want to cook, clean and exercise!!!!  Know what?? I can do it.  I know I can!!

Come along for the ride and let me know when you think I have gotten off track!!! ;-)

I wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

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