Monday, January 2, 2012

Good Start to the New Year!!

I have been making the red string blks for the Orca mystery!!  12 done, more under the needle and thread, and I would love to show you a pic, but as soon as I turned my camera on, it told me it needed new batteries!!!

And even though I have extra batteries, I also have people who know where I keep them and they are all missing in action!! lol!!  And I have stopped for the night because I was finding myself getting cranky - a sure sign I should stop now!!!

So, for the rest of the night I will ....... hmmmmm!! Maybe I will watch some TV or read a book.  Either sounds good to me right now.

So, pictures of my progress tomorrow - promise!!  And I hope you are having fun with your new year too!!!


  1. We have a hiding place for batteries at our house too! They just seem to disappear into thin air otherwise.

  2. Keep going. I am sure they are turning out awesome. I won't be sewing much today as we need to de-Christmas the house. I told the kids they all better be ready to help me at 10:00am. So far at 8:40am no one is stirring. aaahhhh teens