Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last Day of the Month. Good-bye January!!

I have not been sewing much.  Have not been busy.  I have no real reason for not being productive this month so I will go with lazy then......  The only thing I really have gotten done this month and that was just yesterday (after I  took off what I had done so I could fix it and do the binding again....!!) is this.  Is it done yet?  Nope, but the binding is on, just needs to be sewn down.  Then it's finally DONE!!!! This will be two things done - my UFO and a Christmas project.  

So January's to do list is not done.  Move them into February (the shortest month we have in the year!! Yeah, make a LARGE list!!!) But since it's a leap year, I am going to make use of the extra day!! (I have to!!!!) 

My goal list for February:

  1.  Orca Mystery!!  I am working on putting it together.... every step of htis project takes some time to do!!  And I just got an email from my quilter today!!  She is having a special for February - free batting for one quilt!  I am taking my Orca in to have it done this month!!!  And the only way I can do that is get it done -  So this is my first goal!! (yes I know it's being carried over from January!!!  Bad Brenda!!)
  2. Tree Skirt!!  I was going to have this done by today too, so it's moved on to next month now too!!! (should have just gotten these done like I had planned.......)  I am thinking I will do a twister skirt!!  I bought the Lil' Twister ruler and I should just make the skirt with it!!!  
  3. UFO Project.  Have not picked it yet.  This needs to be done NOW!!! And it needs to be another quick one - so I can get back on track here......
  4. OH!!!  Right!!   I am so glad I made a list, how quickly I forget.... HGTV blks - since I did not do January's yet, I have both Jan and Feb's to do...... See what happens when you do not do what you plan???  You PLAN for a reason, to stay on top of things - and when you do not DO your plan, it just creates chaos..........
  5. And since I told the store in town I would do her BOM - I have that to do too.  (I am just shaking my head now)
  6. and last but not least - sew the last border on my Halloween quilt.  Simple to do? Yes.  So, just do it........
I have also started a list for March -  I do not want any of the above moving onto March's list. grrrrrr!!!

One thing I have been thinking about is:  putting a white board by my ironing board with my plans written on it. Out of sight, out of mind.... With a white board with my goals and ideas in my face and up close and personal, I can't say "Oh I forgot!!"  Now, with a board, I will know I should not start anything else because (like above) I have 6+ things already on the go as it is!!!

So, meal planning and sorting and organizing my room and getting things done. I am having a very full and busy February!!!  How is yours looking


  1. I would say you had a very good January! Orca Bay is a lot of work! ;-) Here's to keeping each other on top of it in February!!~ and maybe on the last day, we can celebrate! LOL ;)

  2. I am the same way - if I don't see it then it's not there!