Friday, January 6, 2012

Red Strings are DONE!

 See!!!  My red Strings are all made and waiting to for the next step!!!  This seemed to take me FOREVER!!! (about 3 days.....)  I had to cut everything, I had no red strings of any kind and I basically was doing this from scratch!! And I was making sure that I did not use the same fabric in the same block - although, much to my amusement, that did not always work!   I am still not 'in love' with string blocks, but I did not mind them.  And I do like how they look when made into a quilt so....... I am creating a bag of strings now.  For next time because I am sure there will be a 'next time'!!!

And since the next step is to remove the paper, here is my pile of triangles ready to have their papers removed.
And I am going to be doing that with the first season of "The Good Wife" in my player and I can see what I have missed.
This was  show I though would be stupid, so I didn't even bother to check it out.  Well, last year, doing something mindless (like removing paper from foundation blks) I had the TV on and this show came on....... I didn't change the channel, but I didn't really want to watch it either.  Well, I watched.  And now I wait for it come on!!!  So, I treated myself to the first season considering I have no idea what happened, who did what and what is going on that I should know about to make this show more interesting!!!  So this is how my evening is going to do tonight.   And tomorrow, I will show you the next step I am on with this no-longer-a-mystery project!!

As I was looking at my blks, I noticed something about my reds.  They are a darker red. They are not bright, not 'in-your-face', not brilliant.  More subdued.  Pretty much all of them.  Hmmmmm.  I think I am attracted to darker shades of colours.  Which I find interesting because I love to see bright, happy, excited quilts.  They make me feel good and energized.  Why then do the quilts I make, seem more homey, calming,  quiet.
I will be thinking about this.  I realized this on my Christmas quilt 'Piece & Goodwill'.  I had a friend send me some greens for it (Thanks Sandie!!) and they are beautiful!!  I instantly loved them!! Was really excited to add them to my quilt when, I realized, they would stick out like a soar thumb!!  The greens I used where dark - these were bright.  And that is when I first thought about the colours I choose.

Tomorrow I am also going to show you a very special gift I got in the mail this week!!!
Until tomorrow then!!  Night!!  


  1. Great strings. I too sit and watch TV and remove papers. With so much static these days the papers weren't getting in to the garbage, but all over me, the couch and the floor. What a mess. Tomorrow I am going on a mini retreat and taking Orca with me. I finished step 1 and step 6 so I will put those together tomorrow as well as hopefully cut the 2" strips. I too don't have that many strips and have had to cut from the stash. Enjoy your show!

  2. You SEW girl!! :-) I have a try just like that for taking blocks to my chair to remove the papers. LOL I love your reds! Mine are all over the place. :-o ~bright, dark, with white, etc. Miss you on our message chat! ;-)

  3. The little blocks look great - they seem to take me forever to make too.

  4. Your red strings are looking great Brenda! Need to see your progress girl, now that Bonnie's Mysteries are popping up everywhere!! wink... ;)