Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy SNOWY November 1st.  And I have spent this day sewing.

On the go right now, I have "Four Patch X" from Bonnie Hunter's book, 'More Adventures with Leader & Enders'.  Also, my l/e project, the spools is in there to.  I am in no rush to get these little spools done, but what I really do want to do with these is get them cut out of my scraps.
 Goal for these little guys is to have each in it own fabric.  That in itself is challenge and yes, I have found twins and sometimes even more of the same fabric.
 Those have been removed for use later....  possibly as a baby quilt??  Will not worry about in now, lets see how I feel about these matches when I am closer to the finish line.  Who is going to really see pairs anyway in that many blocks??

Okay, since this picture thing is new to me and this is not the one I wanted to post, it is here now ........anyway,  I was going to show you this later because because I think it's funny. 
 This house blk was made in July, and I choose to put the snowman looking out the window because it was way to hot for him to be outside!   So he has to stay inside in the air conditioning so he would not melt.   Well, today he can come out - with the weather we are having here today, he will be fine, believe me!!
 At the bottom right of this picture, see the blue bow-tie blk?   Well, that is another  Bonnie Hunter pattern that I had to see what the block would look like in 'real life'.   I have made 3 of these so far and yes I do plan on making more.  I like them.

There.  This is the picture I ment to share,   These are my spools.

 The bottom  of the picture is just messy things in my  space, no reason for them to be there. 
  I also have a picture of my 'x' blks but where it is, I don't know.......  Need to figure this out, to make posting pics fun.  This is not fun for me right now because I don't know where to find them once I have taken them???  LOL  It is just me, I will get used to this.  Also, when I used my phone to take these pics, I realized -  I move!!..... and that is not always the effect I want!!  So, here is the start to my new adventure.  I forgot how much I like to read blogs.  I enjoy being here.  Here is to a good month of making memories.

Where you are does not determine where you can go.


  1. Lol I have problem up loading my pictures too! Love the snowman story, too cute.