Monday, September 14, 2009

Design Wall Monday!!

Okay, I am still working on the border of the Goose quilt. Here is a pic of it laying on my bed while I was trying to get measurements. I did not know the cat was in the house, and when I came back to measure, look what I found!!
I had to take a picture! I have tried to keep the dogs (and their fur!!) out of my room, and I have been so careful to keep them away from my stuff!! lol!! yeah, that worked out well didn't it!! I mean, it was only on my bed a few minutes when he came and streched himself out on it...

So, I do have the red border on, and one of the side pieced borders - and the rest ready to be put on. The one I have not figured out yet, is the last 5" border and binding.... but I will. this one is almost a done top!!

This weeks project is to put borders on my Dissappearing 9 Patch.
And this is one of the quilts I found in one of the books I was looking through the other night. I like it. And I found myself starting to look for browns (something I don't really have alot of, but it is becoming more common!!). So, I have a tiny collection.
Then I went to my guild meeting.
One of the members has given a challenge to the group. A one-coloured quilt. NO other colour allowed. Only your choosen colour. And it is to be done completly by June - our year end party meeting. I wounderd what I would do?? My guild blks are already being done in one colour (blue) but it has alot of other colours throught out it, so that is out. Hmmmm, then it hits me!! Helllllooooo!!! Do the square quilt!! why not!?!? Not in the browns (some of my fabrics already have other colours in them), but in Blues!!! Do I have enough of a variety??? I had won a fun bingo game a couple years ago, and I got alot of FQ's as the prize!! Which counts for most of my stash!! And so I pulled out my plastic containers of my FQ's (trying to organize them!! good luck with that!! lol!!) and I have blues!! Dark blues, light blues, medium blues and blues in between!!! Whoooo Hoooo!!! I am in the challage!! And I will do it while working on the projects I want done!!! This 'new' quilt will be sewn as leader/enders while I work on my regular projects!!! Oh yeah!!! I rock!!!!! AND, I just might throw in the brown one while I'm at it - two for the time of one, or should I say, three, considering they will be done between the 'real' quilts!!!!
So, this is my weeks design wall plan. Goose will be done!!! D9P will have a border, and my challenge quilt will be worked on!
Excellant!!! (and once I learn to make beans from scratch - tried a recipe yesterday, and the beans are a little 'stiff'!! lol!! I will have this domestic stuff licked!! Rule #1, don't rush the soaking time!!) So, I will be trying my recipe again, and my family will be able to eat while I work on my quilting goals so my design wall will have something new to show next week!!!!


  1. Nice work!! Cats crack me up. I was using my linoleum floor to square up my whole-piece flannel backing; my little cat was desperate to get onto it! :) So funny!

  2. Hi Brenda,

    I am excited for you that you found blues for your project! They are very tricky, I had to pick blues for my blue and yellow quilt.

    Tricky cat! She has a good taste!

    Happy sewing!


  3. lol ... don't rush the soaking of the beans. soak them overnight in a pan of warm water. Then throw them in the crockpot while you sew or do other things. Add some bacon pieces or ham pieces to give them some great flavor and make you some cornbrean and there's a meal!
    the quilt is coming along nicely. The kitty is just showing you how much he likes it.

  4. A lady with a plan....I like that! LOL.

    Give me your addy and I will send you some blues. That way, I can be in your quilt--but only if you want.


  5. Wow~ the Goose quilt looks great! Even with the silly goose on it! :-)) LOL I like the next quilt too! Fun!

  6. The Goose Tracks quilt is looking great, even with the fur-bump... 8-)
    Good luck with your Blues.. I look forward to watching you. 8-)
    Happy stitchings!