Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bonnie's Mystery - Step One - DONE!!

I did all the cutting and sewing and ironing and - OH!! - ah, uh, well, pressing. (remember, we don't iron.......)
I did the pressing!! Kept working at them and I think they look good.
My black fabric, the one with the candy cane hearts nice in these bocks. And the best part, picking my fabrics for this project, I thought I wouldn't have enough - well, it turns out - I had some left over!!! yeah!!! And now my blks are ready for step two!!!

Here are my blocks so far:
Here is everyone together on my wall.

These are some of the 4 patch bocks.

My gold and black blks.

And the last step of part one, my green blks.


  1. Whoohoo! Wow, you have been busy!! :-) They look great!

  2. Way to go, Brenda!!! They look awesome!

  3. Looks great! Have fun with the mystery.