Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Guild Meeting is Tonight!!

Tonight is the first meeting of the 'new' year for my guild. Today is the first day of the shop hop I love to go on, but I think I am missing it this year..... Okay, I've missed it before. The one thing I was very happy to see is a shop, that has not been included for the past couple years is in again this year!! Maybe I will find a way to go.......

And all the shops around my area have all their new class list posted - either by mail, email or on their web sites!! I have found a couple I want to learn a bit more about, but not today.. today I am fighting with the blks for the pieced border. So, I am, again, on a 'coffee' break!! Even went and had a shower. Have to get ready for tonight you know. ;-)

But, I have pulled out the top and layed it on my bed. No, the red border is not on it yet - that is why the center is all layed out. So I can measure and start on it. Another avoiding measure I have come up with. The problem?? The blks, one piece is not the right measurement when cut. It's the 4 7/8" measurement. I think it should just be cut at 5" and call it good. You can always cut it down, but you can't add anything on!!

And, I am not only a bit short on most of the pieces, but one of the fabric, I cut it even a bit smaller!!! aaaahhhh!!! Instead of the 4 7/8th measure, I cut it 4 3/4"!!! I am doing my best to just keep working on it, but all this fussyness, and making sure I have something to sew - on some pieces, I am defintly not using a 1/4" seam - so those places got backstiched alot as I sewed it down......... I keep telling myself, it's going to be fine and work, but I do stop alot to breathe for minute or two, and I leave the room, before I go back to keep on sewing this together!! This sewing thing normally 'takes me away'........ ( picture floating on air and just enjoying being in the sunshine and feeling so good that you just don't want to stop.......) then get hit with a pattern where it's not going together right.... *grrrrrrr* (smiles!!!) I have been enjoying this mystery since I started it oh so long ago, and it's been alot of fun to do. So, I will finish it (and get it quilted and bound too!!!!) and then I will have a project done in less than one year!!! Oh now wouldn't that be fun!! And I keep making little notes on my pattern page - so when I want to do it again, or someone wants to try it, they won't be stressing like I am.

And I did a bad thing last night - I pulled out few of my books to look through..... and wouldn't you know - I found something, or two, or three, or.... oh boy, not good!!! But oh so much fun!!!

I have found a quilt in "Coffee Times Quilts" by Cathy Wierzbicki, a few tops that I just love. And when I was looking for a link, I read that this book is out of print!! I am so glad I have mine.
This is one of the quilts tops I've made from this book. And there are a few more that I think are beautiful. This one was just for fun!! And I enjoyed making it and still really like it!!

And another book - "Home for the Holidays" by Lynda Milligan & Nancy Smith has a couple things that caught my eye last night.

Well, thanks for sharing my coffee break with me, and now I will get back to the grind stone and get this border done before I have to go to my meeting tonight!!

And now I have more plans to stop myself from starting!!! Oh good trouble is heading my way!!!


  1. I often run fray stop along the seam allowance when I've had to make it narrow...

  2. Brenda,

    How did it go?

    I want to say how much I appreciate you as a friend. You never fail to comment and make my day with your wit, charm, and advice....

    Thank you!!!!!!