Thursday, December 31, 2009


It's here - 2010.
Feel any different yet??

I have been spending some time making a list - just a note to self on what I want to do this year. As I was putting things on it, I was thinking I should go for a long list, then, I got to #30, and thought, hey, this is enough. For now anyway. I do not want to make a long list of ideas and dreams that I will not do. I want to make a 'real' list, for me, to actually do. Things that I honestly want to accomplish, to achieve, to do. #28 is 'eat veggies everyday'. Do-able?? Yes. But, I wrote it down because I realized since I've been working, veggies have not been a regular thing for me. That is crazy!!! I love my veggies - so I now have it as a priority!!

Yes, I have 'sew 20 min a day' on my list again. I have not been doing that, but I want to. It's a list of things for me to do, things I want. #10 is 'Find the job you LOVE'. And I will.

My new years eve was spent at home. Quiet. Nice. And I have great feelings about the New Year!! This year, well, it was a hard year. Just in alot of ways - and I am glad to see it end. Now, with this "new" year - it just feels good.

We are in a cold snap right now. And it's cold!!! I wear gloves in the car, almost the whole way home!!! That steering wheel stays cold for along time!!! And I have head cold, I guess. I am loosing my voice and that runny nose - some fun huh Bambi!!

Okay, it's the fireworks on TV!! Happy New Year my friends!!!

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  1. Happy New Year Brenda! My wish for you that you succeed in making your list come true, and to enjoy 2010!
    take care! 8-)