Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Well, how is your evening going?? So why are you here?? kidding!! We didn't do the hot chocolate recipe tonight, one daughter wants it for breakfast instead, so that is what we will do. And we did our yearly tour around town to see the lights.... there were not very many. Some streets had a few but most homes were lightless. Dissapointing, but there was time when I didn't do lights either, so.......

But, I do have the picture I promised!! When I took it, I didn't think it worked. It did!! yeah!! Here is what my hubby did while I was at work the other day!!
Do you see Santa on the roof??? Well, he is up there and screwed into the roof to keep him there!! Horrors!!!! What happens in the spring???? but it's funny too!!! We have santa and his reindeer on the roof at our house!! lol!! And here's the snowmen, a little closer....
And what the house looks like from the road.....

Now it's not the best picture, but can you see the snowman in the window?? Behind the tree???

And my daughter made me open a present tonight. She was so excited and made me sit down to open it, and kept telling me it was fragile.... it is.... This is my hummingbird. And I love the woman who made it - she is one of the woman I see at the Butterdome that I love to go to at Christmas. Were I really know her from in the mall in Sherwood Park - last year, I bought alot of the icicles that she makes. All out of glass, and beautiful!! Oh, they just sparkle on the tree - and when I find them, I will put them up!! I am not impressed with myself tonight. I kept them safe all year, and now I don't know where they are!! I just saw them, not that long ago........ I am sure I didn't move them, but they are not were I thought they were...... but here is my beautiful little bird.

I love it.

So, Merry Christmas my friends. May tomorrow bring you great memories and lots of happy thoughts. I have a huge bird, potatoes, and the stuffing (stove top!!) plus things for the other things we have at Christmas, or any other holiday that comes around. And even a friend is coming over, so it will be a great day here!! All the best!!


  1. I hope you have a wonderful day Brenda... 8-)

  2. Love the house! And the hummingbird is very pretty!!

    Merry Christmas!!