Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I did not go in....

Yup, I stayed home
I phoned in, and when they asked if it was a sick day, I just said 'yes'.
Enough said.
And then hubby and I went to pick up our daughter from the city, where she has been house sitting for my neice over the Christmas break, and the roads were ICEY!! At least in town and part of the hwy.But we got her home safe and sound and on the way back the roads seemed to be alot better. We didn't see anyone in the ditch either, so that is always good.

I just wanted to share with you a blog that I like the idea of:

Shannon, like me, has a hard time with the Christmas season. It seems to come to soon (like we don't know it's coming!!) and it just is not Norman Rockwell feeling we want, so it's not 'perfect'. And this year, for me anyway, I spent all my time working - and Christmas day, when you hang out and enjoy the day over snacks and sweets, well, my house didn't have ANY!!!
I didn't bake, neither did anyone else. I did buy nuts, but they were gone before Christmas day and were not replaced.........
So, I want to, like I wanted to last year, make the Christmas season something I think about more than in July, Sept, some in Oct and then November........ When you don't have the time to do what you would love to do!!!!! " Wouldn't that be great to have at Christmas time??? Well, it's to late now, I'll put it on a list for next year......"

I have bought myself a subscription to a new magazine: Christmas 365 by Create&Decorate. I bought the premier copy on Christmas eve, just to have something Christmassy to look at that I hadn't seen before. It has things to make, ways to display, and this one has an interview with Jim Shore in it. He makes the 'Heartcrafted' figurines. It will be on display until 1/12/2010. The web site for them is www.christmas365mag.com if your interested.
I figure it's a perfect way, better than me remembering on my own!!, to keep the idea of Christmas coming to me through the year. It's a 4 mag. subscrition. And, an add on the back of it, for beads and making earrings..... I have already printed off the how-to's!!! They are Christmas trees, and would be fun to wear during Dec. And if you make them out of clear beads, all through winter.......Today, with my 'day off' I think I will head into the lonely sewing room and get borders on my Christmas Lights quilt top. And make turkey a'la king for supper and just be home........ And, I am finding a new job. I am also applying at the nursery just out of town - uhm plant greenhouse would be a better way to say that!! And there is a new store coming into town and I keep feeling like I am going to be working there.... that is a great feeling because I felt this way before Costco hired me too!

So, here is to a fantastic Tuesday!!!

And I am being motivated to work on my favorite designer, Judy Martin, by joining a blog in her honour, where we can all get our Judy quilts made and show them off!!! Thank-you for this!!!!


  1. Good for you taking a mental health day!

    AND, thank you for featuring my blog!! I'm going to check out the magazine you mentioned.

    I have some project ideas that I hope we'll be able to work on together.

    I also want to feature your Christmas Lights quilt on the blog. Who knows when I'll finish mine?! Please, please, please....

  2. Well good for you! A 'me day' is always a great way to relax a bit! :-) Sorry your job is turning into a nightmare. I'll keep my fingers-crossed for the nursery job or the new place. ;-) Oh~ and what is the address to Judy Martin's blog? Enquiring minds need to know! :-))

  3. Well, you made the right decision staying home today Brenda, and your thoughts about the nursery and new store is good... Go for it!!! The sooner the better I think too! 8-)
    I wish you luck with your year of prep for Christmas! Personally, I can live without any of it! It is all to darn commercialized for my liking, and too many expectations. I'd sooner just like to go to Midnight Mass and have a nice meal/family time... one day of it please, cause the yearly 3 day thing is way too much for me!!! Way too much to the point of thinking "Bahumbug" to it all....

  4. I'm glad you stayed home! Sometimes, you just need that day to recupe!! And I'm so glad that you joined the Judy Martin blog! We are going to have a blast!