Sunday, November 27, 2011

Still Working on Step 1!!

I have the proper ruler for this Orca mystery from Bonnie Hunter.  The only ruler that does not give me a hard time and make me think to hard!!!   The proper tool is the Easy Angle and Companion Angle from EZ Quilting - like Bonnie says!!
 These are my triangles - getting ready to be sewn into pairs......
These are my sewn pairs, ready to be pressed so they look like proper blks!!!
And here are the triangles that I have cut off the the dog ears and am ready to sew to there partner!! I am almost done this step (fingers crossed!!)
And this is a sweet surprise to me!!  I TOTALLY forgot about these blks!!!  A friend, a few years  ago, gave me her left over blks from a blue string quilt that she had done.  I had no use for them so I just put them into my odd blks pile and today for some reason ( probably to just take a break....) I was sorting through these blks, thinking of how I could incorporate them into a backing for my quilts like Bonnie does.... When I saw these, I laughed!!! 
They are the right colour for Step 2 - and I can get 4 out of each blk I was given!!!  And,
I was given 10 in total!!  I am almost done Step 2!!!    Thank-You big man upstairs!!!  I appreciate this!!!  Not only am I getting some of my mystery done, I am also cleaning out things that would other wise just be sitting there.... waiting and waiting for me to notice them!!! 

So, all in all, I am having a good weekend.  And I am still shaking my head - it is raining outside...... Uh, that is unusual, and the roads tomorrow, will be total ICE. 

I am so glad I can, and will, stay home tomorrow  till it warms up again.  I do not have to be anywhere any time soon.  Love that!
Have a great week.   And lets get some sewing done!!!


  1. What a lucky and wonderful find! That sure makes step 2 move along quickly :)

  2. Wow! How awesome is that to find half of step 2 done!! So pretty.

  3. That is too cool! I wish I had more friends that sewed, so they could "gift" me stuff like that ;o)

  4. Gotta love those gifts that keep on giving!!!

  5. Lucky girl! That certainly helped to make quick work of step 2.

  6. Very, very pretty. I love your blocks and your colors.

  7. Wow Brenda! I'm impressed! You've been busy girlfriend!! Good for you! Looking great so far! 8-)

  8. I love your blue strings! Lucky you having those blocks available. :)