Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sunshine has finally come to stay awhile!!

I have not been sewing. Well, I have, but not since last week. This past weekend, the TV I had bought for my sewing room, was put in there with a hookup to the satellite!
That was unexpected, but I like it!!
I love to watch 'The View' in the morning, and now I can, while I sew!!
Love that!!
Here is my 'helper'!! Patient man, yes he is. Gotta love that. Me, not always....
Plans. I need to make my plans a reality.
Received my "Quilter's Home" today. I am just over half way through it, and yes, I have laughed a couple times. I do enjoy that magazine. I looked at the pattern for the rug hooking and thought, hmmmmmm. Then stopped!!! I do not need another 'hmmmmm' project right now!!

With this TV moving in, my stuff all got moved around!! What a mess that creates!! But, it also made me realize I have to finish what I start AND stop starting things!!!!!!! If I would do the first, then I can go back to the second part!! The best part of finishing is, I would have more room in that space I have!

BONUS!! I could use more room, and that will be the best way to get it. This was my plan in the first place, but like all plans, if you don't keep it in the forground, it gets lost in the background.... And another thing that made me kinda laugh in the magazine, is where Mark talks about making it a point to sew 15 minutes a day. My time is 20 minutes a day - and I can not count the hour I sew today as anytime towards tomorrow. I am really behind on my time though - so I do have to play catch up. I have not been all that good since my trip to Kelowna. I realized that yesterday, so I am going to get myself back on track, and make my sewing a daily thing again. No excuses.

We have a stray cat that showed up the other day. Skinny as skinny can be, so yes, I bought it food.... It has been here for 12 days. Friendly, not a trouble maker, and last night it caught a mouse!!

I laughed at that because my 'helper' told my daugher that if it catches a mouse, it can stay!! Bet he wished he hadn't said that!!

It's here now, I do not want it in the house, not at all, but the dogs don't bother the cat at all, so as long as everyone is friendly, it can stay. But when winter comes, it will have to be talked about again.....

It's supper time. So I am going to leave you with a saying that I have on my wall of my sewing room. Have a great week, and talk to you soon.


  1. I haven't been devoting my daily hour of creativity which was my goal. I am going to try to get back tomorrow. I haven't been exercising either, hmmmmm, maybe there is a connection somewhere for me. I am going to crochet now. Quilt tomorrow, really.

  2. Alright! Satelite TV in the sewing room!!!

    I really like the idea of sewing just a bit every day. They key is actually do it everyday. Consistency is tough, tough, tough

    Do we get to see more of your sewing room? I do like the quote on the wall very much1

  3. Wow nice place for a TV! Now you need a refrigerator and a bathroom and you'd have no reason to leave! LOL~ until the food ran out... ;-) If I had a TV I'd find myself watching it instead of sewing.. I get easily distracted! :-)) Happy sewing!

  4. I'm glad you've had sun. It rained all weekend and on Memorial Day so we weren't happy in Denver. It's been nice the past couple of days, but it usually clouds up in the afternoons.

    I'm seriously considering putting quilting projects aside for the summer since there is so much that needs to be done around the house. I can honestly say that I use my quilting to avoid home projects. The only problem is that this Twilight Quilters Coven I've helped set up is taking off.

    We love our cat. She is a very good mouser, but unfortunately she also likes birds. We haven't seen signs of mice in the house since we've had her.

  5. How very kind of you to take pity on the poor skinny cat! I love cats. I really, really need sew 15 minutes a day. I'd get something done that way.

  6. Hey Brenda! Long time no read! 8-)

    A TV in the sewing room is a must indeed! OH yes!

    Love you lettering on the wall! I've contemplated doing such in mine... maybe... eventually...

    Staying on one task IS very hard. I've been bad for starting new projects this last year... I am not keeping up with the "One a month challenge" very well...

    Do show us more of your sewing room, or direct us to a post of it if you have already posted about your sewing room... 8-)

    Happy stitchings!