Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy August!!

I have not been in my sewing room for over two weeks...... so, no, the Twilight top is still in pieces and the Goose border and step 6 is not done AND no more progress on the Bonnie mystery.

And you know what?? I'm okay about it. I have been enjoying the sunshine, the tomatoes that are turning red and watching the grass grow. I have also been fighting a loosing battle with the puppy next door who gets into my yard to visit all the time!!!! It's frustrating as well as funny. The only part that really annoys me - she gets into my compost and eats what ever she can...... then, the light bulb finally went on (yes, sometimes I can be a little dense) I am now feeding this puppy too. And, when they move, they can just leave her behind and I will be a house with 3 dogs instead of the two I already have.
Yes, they have left a PUPPY!!!!!! at home all day with no food?!!??!!!??? - *?#@!&%#**!grrrrrrr, angry!! and I did make a phone call........................ And basically this lady told me, she would take her in, but make sure she is not mirco chippped. I don't feel right 'stealing' the dog, but common!!! She is just over two months old, and guess what - she NEEDS food!!!! And also, it's the kids dog, and they leave the kids to 'train' her!!!!!!!!!! Hello!!!!????!!!!! So, when she has escaped to my yard, she gets treated like one of mine, and gets into trouble when she is doing dumb things and she now 'sits' and does 'down' and is actually a good little dog (she won't be little for long - she is a husky...... ) and if they don't teach her manners, I can see them getting rid of her, through not fault of her own. It's almost funny, but if I go in my backyard, sure as anything, no matter who's there, that little bugger is under the fence and right at my side!! One of the kids (there are 8 kids living next door) says, "she follows you" with wounder in her voice.... I almost felt bad. This was before I started to feed the poor little thing. And no, I don't feed her all the time, only when it seems they have left her behind and no seems to be home. And when you have an animal, any animal, making sure you are behind them and if you seem to be to close to the source of food and is growling, you know it's hungry -starving even.....

So this is my dog story for this post!!

We just had a long weekend this weekend - and it was nice. Did we go anywhere, do anything?? No. I did go to the movie - oh the name is escaping me, it's a comedy, uh, crap, it's not coming - anyways, it's was okay. Did see the Harry Potter one - I didn't hate it, but certainly didn't love it. A little dissapointed in it. Like what the heck???? Just because you know you are going to have an audiance, does that mean you can just throw it together, and not care????? I do think it would have been better as a 3 hr long movie - but not the one they produced!!!! One that follows the book a bit better, let you into the whys and what's going on better - not this movie that give you the highlights of the book, but not really any rhyme or reason to the why it's happening. Oh well, it is what it is - and I am now not really looking forward to the next one...... (or two?? My friend says they are breaking up book 7 into two movies???? WHAT?!?!)

Anyways, I just thought I would come on today and say "Hi!!" - it's been awhile since I've done this, or read what is going on in others lives. When it's nice outside, I want to be there - but today, I am going to make chili for tomorrow, a lasagne for tonight and snacks for when you feel snacky. This one recipe I am going to try, I've bought the ingerdiants about 2 yrs ago to make, and well, I keep eating them before I can make up the snack!!! So, today, I am going to make them up and see if they were worth the wait or I should just keep eating the cereal with yogurt like I have been!!! ;-)

Okay, have a great week and enjoy the summer as much as you can!!! I am personally loving it!!! Really miss being by water though, but not going to dwell on that. I live here and I am going to make the best of it!!! Huge Hugs!!!!


  1. Happy August to you too! Your little shadow sounds cute! :-)

  2. Nice to see you back. I was beginning to wonder if something had happened to you other than summer. That's an interesting story about the dog. Some people have no idea what it takes to be a pet owner. Oh well, maybe you'll get the dog in the end. Have a great day!

  3. I'm so glad you updated! I love reading about what you are up to...

    I need Twilight to quilt. I've not done anything more on Christmas Lights. I almost done with Step 1, but distracted myself with a new Twilight project.

    Headed to Utah on Friday for two days to see the TQC's quilt in the museum.

  4. Oh Brenda...the same happened for me with the cat Meowzer when we first moved in. He was just a kitten left outside all day long so he came to me starving. About all I had for a cat was tuna. He pretty much stayed and when they moved away he definitely became ours. It sounds like you and I have a very soft spot in our hearts for our animal friends.
    Enjoy your summer...we'll catch up in the Fall.