Monday, August 31, 2009

Design Wall Monday!!

Well, I have a pic of my now finished center of my 'twilight' quilt!!! I did/do not have the complete how-to's on this quilt from Planet Patchwork, so I just put it together how I thought would work. And, it was not that hard and all my partial seams worked!!! yeah!! So, here is the center part - borders next, then off to the quilter!!! (oh yeah, I am not leaving these things anymore!!! Looked at my list of things on the go last night....... I could cry. So, it's time to get these projects finished. And that is how it is!!)

It doesn't look half bad!!

But, we are talking about what is on the wall this week........ oh so many to choose from!!! I have the goose blks I was going to have done by the end of June. See how that worked out for me!! But it is on my list of projects for this month. And I have my daughter's quilt that I had put up on the wall a very long time ago, and she - well, lets just say teenagers are not the easiest to live with, and I took it down...... It is on my list to pull back out of hiding and get working on it. I also have my One Block Wounder.......
But right now on my wall is the start to Bonnie Hunters Mystery quilt found in the Quiltmaker magazine. I found this when it first came out, and look at me (not) go!!!! So, I want to be caught up by the time step 3 comes out, and so maybe this is what I will do today - tomorrow and the next day. 3 hours today - so I am caught up on my 20 min a day goal. Then, I can get busy working on it.

Here are the start of my 4 patch blks.

But I do have a question about the blk fabrics Bonnie asks for. When I started this project, I wanted it to be out of Christmas fabrics - and so far, so good. No, not all the fabrics in the 4 patches are Christmas, but they are from my leaders/enders pile and they will work.

But, Bonnie wants 2 black fabrics and these are ones that I have right now. For those who have done this, do you think these two fabrics are to busy for this project, or, not...... Part of me wants to use them, but I don't want a quilt that you could put on Ami Simms ugly contest either!!

The fabric's pattern are faily small - definitly not this big, (to me they look huge!!) but do you think it would work for this blk???

Use both? Just one?? Keep looking???

And with that, I am off to do laundry, see what other are doing on Judy's blog and go do some work for 3 hrs in my room!!

When I got into my room, I realized, why didn't I take a pic to show you how the fabric would look with the blks!! Duh!!! So, here are a couple blks to show you that the fabric isn't overwhelming, and I do think I like it......... But again, what is your thoughts on it???Tomorrow is Sept 1st..... count down to Christmas!! Is everybody ready????


  1. I love the twilight quilt. It's like looking up into the night much to see. I haven't started the mystery. I don't know if I'm going to, so I will just file it away for someday. One more on my list. :) I think if you used both prints, you should use only one print in a block. But if you are only going to use one, I'd use the stars and candy canes.

  2. I am planning to do Bonnie's mystery too and I think the blacks you have chosen look great with your 4 patches. Keep going and maybe I will get inspired to start mine.

  3. Wow Brenda. your centre looks lovely.
    Keep going on all the projects.
    A little bit of stitching each day goes a long way!

  4. What an awesome thing to see when first checking into you blog!!! Love the twilight quilt!!! Wonderful Brenda! Stunning even!!! 8-)
    Looks like you've been a busy bee there!
    I think your blacks look great with your 4-patches!!!
    That pup in the previous post, what a cutie-pie!!!
    Happy stitchings!

  5. Oh, please don't cry. This is all supposed to be fun too, you know! You'll get everything done if you stick with it.