Friday, January 1, 2010

Janurary 1 - Great day for a year to start!!

I just got Ami Simms newsletter and this was found in it!! Do you have your New Years Resolution yet?? This will help: Have some fun!!

Well, I am a little frustrated with myself right now. Reading Shannon's blog the other day, the Christmas one, I realized, the block she shows, I have the pattern!!!! (this is not a good thing!!!!) So, yesterday I thought I would spend today, in my sewing room....

'Planning' and 'Doing' here are two seperate things. I am getting better at doing my plans, but it still needs some work. Anyway, I got into my room and - I am a junk collector!!!! Realization hit me today. I am a pack rat, a horder, a messy person!!!!! And people call me organized!! If they only knew.....
This is my 'organized closet. When you can see it, ahem, it's a nice system.....

This is the mess I walk by to get to my sewing table. It is between my table and the closet....... Most of this was out in the hall, but my daughter finally made a comment about it one day, it being outside of her door and all, that I brought in here..... where there was no room for it...... I am a pack rat!!!!! Because I still feel I need to keep it all!!!! This, the bins on the front is my cross stich stuff - and yes, I still do it. So, I don't think I should get rid of it, but I also don't think my family should have to be subjected to my hobbies either......

This is what is after the cross stich bins, it's another pile of 'things on the go' that, I honesly do not want .......ahhhhh!!!!!...... to have my room like this anymore - ever again, or even - how did I let it get to this point in the first place??????

And here is where I sew. When I got in here this morning, it was covered with papers, patterns, books, anything that I didn't have a spot to put it, so I put it on this table...... I couldn't put the books away because of the mess between the closet and the table....... Never again. NEVER. I will get my room to work for me. I will sew and create and make this room beautiful.

I just created a 'Goals' list on my side bar. Now, you can see what is on my mind and remind me if you see something on there to long. Sometimes I need a push. Or a shove. Or even my head in a toilet to see that I am not doing things right!!!!! No sense having a plan if you don't follow it! Then it's just another list of thing that I guess just don't matter... but they do!!!

I was looking for reds and greens for the blk. shown on Shannon's blog so I can make one along with her. Well, what I found was that I had more than one container that is holding scraps!!!!!! Tiny, itty bitty scraps to almost fat quarter size - in the same container!!! Not organzied by color, heaven's no!!! Just thrown in a pile...... This is the last time. No more. If I don't need it, it's gone. Like, hello!?! Toss it for crying out loud!!!!! I will not use it - I know I won't. So why is it still here?????? So, while I sorted through all my mis. boxes of scraps (they were everywhere!!) I have a very nice pile of reds, greens and neutral fabric - scraps!! that I will use to make this blk. All 30 of them!!! They are all in seperate bags, and cutting out scraps for this quilt is going to take some time....... but, I am making this top - and not having to purchase anything for it. It will be done. I am not in a hurry though. I am going to be making it while I work on my other projects. All the pieces for this Christmas quilt, can be made as leader/enders while I finish my other projects. Two quilts at once. I just have to do the tedious cutting of the small scraps to make this work. I will love to do it.
What I am going to love more though, is watching my mess turn into a quilt. Turn into a great place to be creative, and to watch me finish what I start. This is a great way to start a great year!!!!

I love leaders/enders. When I am doing a project, I will get my fabrics for it, and then, put the leftovers where I will then make leader/enders cuts out of it. And, big huge - AND - it will be sorted and stored and USED!!!!!!

Going through this mess, guess who found projects hidden under the mess?! I am so not happy with me right now!!! I didn't realize how bad I had let it go. Now I know, now I will do better.

Resulutions??? Yes. Clean up my act is one. Be the organized person I know I can be. It will make working on my projects so much nicer - easier too. I won't 'loose' the project I 'knew was right here'.

I am finishing PhD's this year. (Projects half Done) I have a ton. Goal: one a month minimum.

Get rid of things I won't do - like that mystery flannel quilt........ it's been hanging around for a long time now........ long time!!!! Surprised it hasn't grown legs yet and left on it's own!!!! (and that itty bitty voice is telling me "oh!! No!!! it's going to be great when you go camping though!!) Uh, little voice - when is the last time I went camping????? I am doing something with it, even take it to the guild and say 'who wants it??"
And I am going to my guild meeting again. Since I started work, i have missed them all. Not a good thing. Here is to a super fantastic new year!!! May all our dreams come true!!


  1. Happy New Year Brenda! Yup, I am organizing too. ;)

  2. Oh Brenda, you make me laugh, as I feel I am in the same boat as you! LOL!
    My sewing room is in the same condition, and getting organized is on my mentally kept, January to do list... as is getting my "thank-you cards" for our 25th done and out the door!!! Better late than never...I hope! 8-)
    Good luck and get to it! lol! 8-)
    Later Gaiter...

  3. I think with the New Year we all tend to want to look at our lives and see where we can make changes for a brighter happier life. Take things in small pieces and work on them as you find the time, given time you will see the difference. That is how I have been doing things for the last two years .. making changings in me and my life. I hope 2010 is full of blessing for you.

  4. Your pictures are like looking in a mirror. My sewing room looks quite similar! Good luck in 2010 with elimanating the stash!