Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's the Weekend!! cold and snowy.....

Instead of asking "What's the meaning of my life?" ask, "What would make my life more meaningful?"

So, how is your week going?? It snowed this moring!! Okay, it's not staying but that is not the point!!!! It snowed on April 23rd!! Oh, common!! Let us keep that warm sunshine and really nice days we've had - it was so nice to sit out there and just enjoy the warmth. And now, it's back to cold and cold breezes - chilly ears!! lol!! But guess what I did today!! A friend I used to work with, asked me if I wanted to go to a Muffin/Tea Event at the Community hall this morning where they were having a talk about container planting. Well sure, I'd go!!

I have not done things like this very often, going to events at our hall, and planting is something I enjoy, so we went. We put our names in the door prize and listened to the talk. This greenhouse is fairly new and it's just down the street from me!! (Okay, down the highway, and on the other side, but not far!!). When the door prizes were being called, I looked at my friend and said "I'm winning a tomato." and guess who's names was called next and guess who brought home a tomato plant!! There were only two of them, and I laughed when I actually won one!! It's a Lemon Boy, and when I get some soil, I will be replanting it, and get it ready for the outdoors..... but not this weekend!! Brrrrrr!! I am enjoying having it sitting by my front window, and just beeing green.

So, I guess I really am going to be planting this year. I was seriously thinking I would not plant anything, but being in Kelowna, where they have all their plants out, I couldn't resist, and bought my sister a hanging conatiner of flowers and a pot of pansies!! It gave me something pretty to look and I just like the flowers........ especially when it feels like this winter is not going to end. At least there, I could pretend it was over..........

And I have finished step 5 of Double Delight!! I like it!!! I wasn't sure, but when it was all put together, it just seemed to work and look like I had planned it!! My daughter thinks it would make a great cabin quilt..... I just think it's nice.

And I have been working on the Planet Patchwork blks for my "Twilight" quilt. Yesterday I made two sets. Each instuction sheet makes 2 blks so, here they are.

I like them.

And here is my 'PhD' that I pulled out of the closet the other day, and now am woundering how to finish it off. It's sitting on my wall, and I am thinking..... I still like it, even though I started it a few years ago. My Thongs!

And today I am working on the little stars for the "Twilight" quilt, it wants 49 of them... so, I am going through my scraps and finding little pieces of batiks, and they will all be done. And I realized last night that I only have 5 more blks patterns to make!!! I am almost done the blks for this top!!! That feels good!!! See, working a little on something - even if it's not everyday, can really get things done!! This is something I am trying to do, be consistant in my goals. That is the only way to get things done, keep working on them. This quilt has been on the backburner of my mind for awhile, well, since I found the pattern, and now, finally, it's being worked on and almost done!!! I am not celebrating yet - I need to keep at it. I have projects that I have left around this stage, and I want that very bad habit to change. Consistancy is the key.

Okay, weekend is here. Movie night tonight - yes, I started this blog post yesterday, went to take photos of my work and the batteries were dead!!! So, now everything is working and you can see what I am talking about!!
And hubby is sick with a wicked cold - he had better not share!!! But he seems better today than yesterday, so that is a good sign!!
I am thinking I want to see the movie "Doubt" tonight. I have made myself a list of ones I want to see and most of the movies on my list are one word titles!!! "Knowing" "Milk" "Doubt" "Taken"......... You can have fun with these - "I doubt anyone knowing better would have taken the milk -okay!?" So, go have a fun the weekend, enjoy a greenhouse or two, and treat yourself well!!
Here is a question I got from the millionare book I read - and am still trying to answer: 'What kind of person do I want to be?'

And with that thought, I am outta here!!


  1. SNOW!?!?! How dare it snow!!!

    Congrats on your tomato plan win! Looks like a nice and healthy plant! 8-)

    You Double Delight is great! As is your Twilight blocks and THONG blocks!

    Enjoy your movies tonight, and hope that your hubby is feeling better soon! 8-)

    Happy stitchings!

  2. I LOL when I read that you won the tomato plant!
    Just think of all the wonderful tomatoes you'll be eating in August...

    DD is lookin' good, one of my friends completed her DD and it looks fantastic...

    What are you planning to do with your Flip-Flop quilt blocks? Embellish them perhaps? Can't wait to see what you do with them. Cheers!