Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday ramblings.........

Friday's. Movie night at my house, which also means snack foods and eating in front of the TV!!

Well, that used to be what it ment. Now we eat in front of the TV every night - and I really don't like that. I just wrote 'but'. I hate that word. No but's!!! No excuses, no reason's, no but's. Eating in front of the TV was supposed to be an event, and special time, a treat. Not an everyday occurance. When we were kids, did we eat in front of the TV??? No!! And you couldn't read at the table either (still don't get why???) but dinner was family time........ And I do try to bring that back, it does not last long.

This is not what I came on here to write about!! I have been wanting to write all week, and have not felt like I had anything worth while to say... I have been walking though! 1 mile a day, except for yesterday when her plan is to have a free day..... I was supposed to get 5000 steps in on my own...... I knew better!!! I should have pulled out a DVD but she said I didn't have to - so, I sewed instead!! Oh yeah, pushing that foot petal would make up the 5000 steps!! NOT!!! lol! So, I have just done my 1 mile with heavier weights that I have been using (by a pound) and it felt good!!! tomorrow is our first 2 mile walk!! I know I am ready, and I also know I am going to feel it!! I can see the changes I have been making, not only because of the walking, but it helps - alot. And it's easy. Honest!! If you are trying to loose weight, or get fit, this walking program is one of the best, no stress ways to go. I highly recommend it. And I will keep you updated on when I get into my jeans again!!! It has been over a year since they have fit comfortably and when I realize that, it kinda depressed me..... but the only way to go is down, so I am going to make it happen. I am thinking I will join a bike riding club this spring too. Around now is when you find out where/when it's held, so I will check that out and ride with others.

Quilting Notes:

Step 5 of Double Delight is done!!!
It looks like it has alot of holes in in, but that is just the white blks!! I had to lay them all together, just cause I wanted something to look at on my 'wall'. These were not fun!! I struggled to make them fit for some of the blks, but it's all okay. I am having fun with this project - and that is the most important part. I am learing when using small pieces, watch what you are doing, they are not as forgiving as bigger pieces!!
And I am working on the blks for the Goose Tracks. Started yesterday, and will have then done here really soon. I like the way this quilt looks and I like the colours I have choosen for it. One of my fabrics I bought this year spontanously, well, it's a gold... but my blk asked for a tan. I took out my new 'gold' put it beside the other goose fabrics and it doesn't 'read' as gold against it, so I thought 'hmmmmm'... then I took a closer look and you can see a faint pink in the background! Sold!!! This blk has red in it, and this will just look like it belongs!!! Perfect!!! I am so glad I bought that fabric now!! At the time I was woundering what I was doing???!! Oh, I knew! Secretly, I knew!! ;-)

I have also found a blk for breast cancer quilt. It is called "Soft Reminder Quilt" and it's a paper pieced blk. I found it on Jill's site and I just think it's a great blk. I am going to tell my guild about it at our next meeting. Even if it's just made into a pillow, or a throw.... or just a blk in a quilt of other such blks, it's a nice blk. And I don't paper piece without alot of "oh man!! not again" comments as I have sewn the fabric on wrong!! Someday, I have to do this again, as I have a pattern I love for an advent calander and it's all paper pieced!! And small!!!!! (See, I am a collector of projects and I frustrate myself!! I start them and then move on....... I am trying to break that habit, and so far, so good, I at least now take them to the 'top' stage. I want to get myself to go farther and get them to the 'Finished'!!!! stage!! that will come. But I look in my closet of - ahem, 'PhD's' and realize I am not doing very well on that front. I have blks hanging on skirt hangers, of projects on the go and it's a great way to store them, but I want them off the hangers and at least to the top stage.........

Fon's and Porter have quote on their calander (it's one that you can just keep using every year, it's just dated not with the day on it ) and this quote is a good one to remember:

"It takes forever to finish a quilt if you don't work on it!"

Well, that makes sense.... so I need to work on it.... and not start anything!!!!!

And with that I am going to go work on my goose blks. And pull out a project that has been on my mind for a few days. I have person who told me she would fit me into her schedual, if Iwanted, and I am thinking I will get my oldest daughter's blks - the "Flower Child" blks made into a top, and get it quilted...... yup, I should........ Okay, if I don't write more this week, I will be posting on Sunday!!! Make this weekend great and hey, go for a walk!! You never know, we just might be walking together!!!


  1. Hi Brenda, Keep up the walking. It may take a while but it's the safest way to lose weight. I think that I should walk some more because I don't seem to be losing any weight. Maybe I should just eat less. Hmmm..........

  2. You need to walk a few extra steps for me...

    You are the funny one--I wasn't expecting the quilt to be done for a few weeks by the longarm quilter, but I did think that she should have called me to see what treatment I wanted for it. I called the quilt shop this morning because I found my .09% coupon that the quilter sent me months ago. I was going to drop it off, but the quilter had picked up the quilt. I asked for her number, but it turns out the quilt shop gave me the wrong number. We have two prefixes and I was given the wrong one. The lady with the wrong number called me after I left a message. I guess another customer did the same thing. Duh!

    It's been ever so much fun with the kids today. They've been pretty good...... Caroline was insisting that I take her over to my mom's area to spend the night with a friend, but we're expecting another big snow storm starting tonight. She's in a snit because I said no. She asked if she could call her dad to do it. I said fine, but he backed me up and refused to take her either.

    I finished cutting 384 pieces for the new quilt. My back hurts now because my table is too low. I've still got more to cut. Your projects sound like fun!

    In honor of you, I didn't do that much laundry or dishes. LOL. I did sweep a weeks worth of hair and dust bunnies. eeeeew!

    My T.V. is on constantly. I can take or leave, but M is a huge fan. I thought when we went to basic cable that it wouldn't be on as much, but the rest of the family can always find something to watch.

    I think we're going to have leftovers or breakfast for dinner tonight.


  3. Good job keeping up with the walking. I need to start!
    I love the quilt blocks on skirt hangers! What a great idea. Think I'll copy that one. As kids we always had dinner at the table, I tried hard with my kids and now the only time we eat at the table is when there is company!!! Shame on us. Darn TV!

  4. Good for you with the walking. You go girl! I am impatiently waiting for all the melt to dry up on the roads at least... Don't care for wet and mucky fur-girls! lol!
    Good for you with your advances on Double Delight! Can't wait to see it all put together! 8-)
    We always ate at the table with the kids, but now that they are out of the nest, it is too easy to venture to the couch/TV, especially when DH is working evenings...

  5. Loved "It takes forever to work on a quilt if you don't work on it!" Thanks for the jump start as I sit here looking at the computer screen and catching up on email! Bonnie will be tickled to see your Double Delight! It is gorgeous!