Monday, April 27, 2009

Must be Monday....

"By Doing Just a Little Everyday, I Can Gradually Let the Task Completely Overwhelm Me!!"

Love that!! I found it on a magnet on my sister fridge!! And it's so true....

Well, it's now almost 8 at night, and that saying just suits today!!! I have been working all day in my little room, thinking I am being so productive, till the near the end.....oh, no!! Check it out!!

See the picture?? lol! Well, this is the latest step for the goose blks that I have been doing, and I really like the gold I used, till I saw it that blends right into the background!!! So, I cut out some of the other 'gold' I've used in these blks and tomorrow, I am going to be redoing this step!!! No, the blks are not finished, I just put up the pieces to see what it will look like. It is going to be so much better with the brighter gold as the flowers!!

I really like the background fabric that I am using for this project. It's just fun with all the words, maps and subtle colours it has on it. I am a little dissapointed in my gold colour choice though!! Well, live and learn!! I am just laughing at myself!!

On a better note, I also worked on some of the 49 small star blks for my planet patchwork "Twilight" quilt I am doing. I think they will look really good once I get them all done. So here is what I am happy with today!! I am enjoying making these blks - and I am close to the end......yeah!!

So, here is to a better finish tomorrow!! I have also been looking through my pattern books, and I really shouldn't do that!! But it also keeps me working on my stuff, so I can one day, just start something new!! Here is to a great week with lots of sunshine and warm days!!!


  1. Good for you being the busy little bee all day! Great friendship blocks! 8-)
    Better start fresh with the latest step of your goose blks tomorrow... Sometimes it is time to call it quits for the night... 8-)

  2. Where did my comment go? I left one yesterday and became a "follower" on your blog yesterday. Can you say operator error?

    If you'll notice on my sidebar, I've got you there so I can see up to the minute when you post a new entry. I'm so sly!

    I'm not doing the latest quilt, but I did start cutting green fabric for a new one. I'm making it for a co-worker. I practiced free motion last weekend, too. I found my Big Foot and practiced using my version of the Sharon Schamber's Quilt Halo. I do find using it gives me a feeling of control over the quilt sandwich.

    We had family over on Sunday so no sewing then and last night I was at a Brownie meeting. M is at Boy Scouts tonight so may be I'll get something done.

    I still haven't put the binding on my first Stash quilt and I've not worked on the Roses quilt in awhile.

    That's what's up in a nutshell....



  3. love the fabric you're using in the background with all the writing... its going to make for a very interesting top I think :-)