Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm back home!!

I am so glad to be home!! I had a good time, my sister told me to stay longer, I just couldn't. I felt out of place there, she has so much going on in her life, she rushes everywhere, tries to do it all, and has so much stuff going on....... I just felt like I was in the way. I did help though, I know that. When she couldn't do something, like drive the kids somewhere or pick them up, I could, so I know I helped. I just was not sure how to help.... that does sound funny, I know, it's just that she can be very - I just did not want to add to her frustration and stress, so I just did what I could do, and tried to stay out of the way. I am glad to be home.

My friend, Carol, gave me a gift for my sister when I told her I needed her to open the school for me because I wouldn't be at the meeting and told her why. Here is the quilt she gave me to give to my little sister:

When I gave her this, she cried. Why would she give this to me? she asks. I told her that peopls she doesn't even know care about her. I really hope she uses this. I think it's beautiful - Carol does beautiful work and she is the woman who can match colours without even having them in her hand!! She is amazing!!
And my car rental!! Easy!! And fun!!! It was a luxury vehicle - a Chrysler 300 (which means nothing to me!!! It's a big 4 door car, leather seats, sun roof, and rides and drives like a dream!!!!) When I got in it, I was nervous that I would damage it pulling it out of the parking lot!! ;-) But, I did not harm it at all - and I really enjoyed driving it. Didn't want to give it back!!! And my flight home was delayed an hour and a half..... since I went to the airport early, that made for a long wait. I had not been on a plane in close to 20 yrs - flying is easy and fun!!! 1 hr there , 1 hr back - instead of the 12 long drive. Oh yeah, flying is the way to go!!!
I did not get to the beach, but I did walk down a mountian trail with my other sister and sat reading a book when my little sis went snowboarding. I have not skied in forever, and so I sat and read a book - and not a good book either..... it was "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini. I didn't always understand the words, or really the atmosphere of the book - I could follow the story line and read it to the end, and I guess because I have never lived in the type of situation where I - or any woman - can be beaten just because of her sex..... I did have my eyes opened to how this does happen. The idea of that being real, and it is, did not make it an enjoyable read for me.
The other obok I read when I was gone was: "The Top 10 Distincions between Millionaires and Middle Class" by Keith Cameron Smith. It's a small book with little life tips, for example "Be Generous"...... And he has empowering questions for you to answer at the back to help you figure out what you want.... and I will work on those quesionions now that I am home!!
I also bought myself a few books when I was gone. So, my libray and my reading are just going to keep on getting better and better!!! I LOVE books. I love to learn. So when I climb into a fiction book, I want it to take me away, not give me more of the reality type thing I usually read.... I am looking forward to picking up the next 'Friday Night Knitters Club' book... I saw it in a store and thought "Hey!!" but left if there!!!
I am glad I am home and now I have to read and get caught on my blogs!! And no, I never made it into a quilt shop when I was gone!!! Maybe that is for the best..... but I really wanted to get some batiks for my orion star.... oh well, there is always tomorrow. And, I have to get back on my Double Delight project. I am working on it, had it all set up my design wall before I left.... sewing it together, tripped on the wall, and most of the pieces fell of....... so, I uncermously picked up the pieces and threw them onto my work table and left on my journey!!! I was frustrated!!! But, it's all good now!!! I am rested and ready to give it another go - tomorrow!!
Glad to be back!!!! (((hugs))))


  1. I am sooooooo glad you are back! I missed you, but I'm glad you had such a good trip. Your sis' quilt looks so pretty....

    Let me know about your millionaire book. It sounds very interesting.

    HUgZ, Shannon

  2. I'm glad you're back and you had a good time. You didn't like A Thousand Splendid Suns? I didn't really like it either, not the style of writing but rather the story-line. It makes me angry the way women are treated in some countries. It wasn't a book that you come away from smiling but is an eye opener for sure. I want to know about the millionaire book too. Tell all when you are done.

  3. Glad you had a good trip to Kelowna. I'm sure your sis appreciated all your help :^)

    The quilt that your friend made for your sis is so gorgeous! Nice gesture :^)

  4. I am sure you were a great help and support for your sister. I hope that the quilt will be a reminder of everyone in her life that supports her. It is a lovely quilt. So glad to hear your trip was a good one and too bad you didn't get to a quilt shop!

  5. Glad you are home safe and sound... My DS just got home last night from a 4 day trip to Edmonton...
    Kelowna hey? I have an aunt and cousin living there, and her sis living in Calgary... 8-)
    Glad you were a help to your sis... It is hard though staying with relatives for any length of time. Out of your "normal" routine of life and thrown into another's...
    Happy stitchings!