Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Well, hello. I have my Goose blks done!! yeah!! I really like this pattern, and I am loving these blks!! These are the next blks - I think they are almost done!! She said it's a 6 month project, so it's near then end!! Month 5 is this month, then the finishing steps!! I also made corner blks this month, so they are the 2nd picuture. Well, they are not really corner blks, they work with these ones to create a circle in the quilt... you know what I mean!!
I have not worked on Double Delight, so still have to get step 6 done, but it won't be this week.

My sister needs me. So, I am flying to Kelowna tomorrow and giving her a surprise visit!! She phoned me yesterday, so upset, I got off the phone and made the travel arrangements. Actually, a friend helped. So I am flying out at noon. And I am renting a car!! I have not flown in close to 20 yrs and I have never rented a car before!! But I need a car. I just will not be there and not have my own wheels. I grew up there, and there are some things I want to see.
I miss the mountans. And I grew up by the lake.... well, close enough that going swimming was just a bike ride away. And we used to always boat!! Living in the praire's, well, I really needed a break from the flat never-ending flat view........ and this is just the ticket. Unexpected, but I am oh so thank-ful for it!!! I can't decide if I should let her know I am on my way........ Nope, not going to!!

So, I doubt I will be doing a stash report this week, but I have nothing to report anyway. When I get back, since I plan on visiting quilt shops while on my 'vacation'!! I will have some numbers to change. I am not sure if I will be sewing, but just being in the sunshine and walking the trails through the hills, and visiting both my sisters, I am going to be loving it. Will I want to come back????? hmmmm ;-)

And I have finished another book: 'Into Thin Air' by Jon Krakaur.
Have you ever wanted to climb Everest?? Well, I haven't but I have always been curious... now I know I do not want to climb it!! This book is about his experiance on the mountain. And it's his memories of the loss of most of his climbing group in 1996. Nope, I don't want to climb where you can hardly breathe. But I did find it interesing, just to read about somones experiance on this famous hill!!

So, here is my post. I am glad to have finally got my blks done. I was waiting till the blks were done before I wrote, I just didn't realize it would take this long!!
Have a great Easter weekend!


  1. Love the quilt in your header!

    Have a nice trip.....I've never rented a car by myself either. I flown a couple of times by myself and I'm always so nervous. Getting to my destination always makes it worth it, though!

  2. Your blocks look great!
    Good luck with your surprize trip, and though it sounds like your sis really needs you, do enjoy some of your time there!
    ?... You are not so flat where your are I am sure... you come to where I live and you will know what flat really is!!! lol! 8-)
    Have a safe trip!

  3. Have a safe trip to Kelowna to visit your sis.
    Your goose blocks look great!

  4. Your blocks look great! Have fun at your sister's. Perhaps you should find out if she is doing anything, like maybe she is planning on visiting you. You never know. Anyway, have a safe trip and enjoy visiting all those childhood places. I wonder if they are all still the same as you remember them?

  5. P.S. I will miss you while you're away...

    I wouldn't have finished the stash quilt if it hadn't been for you....

    And, yes, I think we should do a project together!!!!

  6. Have a wonderful trip and I hope your sister enjoys your company. I love your Goose tracks blocks. Good luck with your flight and renting a car was easy the last time I needed one.