Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stash Busting Week 17

Well, hello.

I have very little change in my report for the past couple weeks. The shopping I thought I would do, I didn't - but I do have to add 4 FQ's to my new stuff!! Batik's, love 'em.
These are the start to my Orion Star quilt. I need 28 FQ's all together, but I am also going to use up my batik 'scraps' for this quilt. It is going to be beautiful. And I am itching to start it.... but I can't let myself!!! I have to get my PhD's from the 'half done' stage to finished.... But I can still dream and plan.......

So here's my report:

Stash - 171 1/2 yrds

Fab. Added - 1 yrd. (4 FQ's!! for Orion Star project!!)
Fab. Added YTD - 16 5/8 yrds

Fab used - 0
Fab used YTD - 9 yrds (I really need to change this number!!!)
Stash Count - 172 1/2 yrds
Now to see how everyone else's week has been!! I really have to get my used fabric numbers moving... I am working on things, but it's all in pieces and I have to get them worked on and done so I can add the numbers to this list. Till next week!! Carry on like you know what you are doing!!!


  1. Hey, Brenda!!!!

    I am green today. I'm cutting out of my green tote--2.5x4.5 strips. I'm going utility--green Coin quilt with brown kona. I'm making it for a guy at work that just moved into his house.

    I've also been practicing free motion. I found my Big Foot and I'm trying my version of Schamber's Quilt Halo.

    Parents are coming over in a little while for last weeks b'day postponed bbq. The weather is nice, but not that warm.

  2. I can't believe you counted all your stash. Could you come and count mine? Just joking, I would die if I actually knew how much fabric I have accumulated. I can't wait to see your Orion star. I've seen patterns for it and have always thought that I should one day make it.

  3. Hi Brenda! Ohhh I love the batiks! :-) I'm not counting my stash~ DH would probably have a coronary! LOL ;-)

  4. Nice batiks there Brenda!!! Reminds me, I have to get my batik quilt done... Finishing up my Gazebo stitchery first!
    Happy stitchings!