Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday's are Fabulous!!

Even though Monday's are my favorite day of the week, Fridays are just fun!! It's our movie night, where we have snack foods. Tonight it's wings and shrimp and all different kinds of chips!! lol! And three movies. One will be saved till tomorrow. Hopefully the one with Brad Pitt, which I really don't care if I see.......

Anyways, I thought I would share some shopping that I did yesterday with you!!

Here are two more batiks!! I should really just buy the store out of this kind of material!! It's like candy for me, I want them all!! But, I seem to be gravitating towards pink and purples..... I am going to have to make a different choice for my next ones - I want this quilt to be alot of colours, but I also want them to work together!!

With batiks though, you can't go to wrong....

I also found a fabric line that as soon as I saw it fell in love!! "Stonehenge" by Sunshine Cottage. This one is #3941 www.

It comes in many colours, and I know I will be back for more - but browns or fabrics I can use as backgrounds seem to catch my attention lately - and I love this one!! I can see getting more of this one........

And I have finished my BOM!! It only took me a couple days, but it's done!! This months blk is 4 smaller blks sewn together. Instuctions, use the two backgrounds and the 4 coloured fabrics.... okay, sounds simple enough - but - and there is always a 'but', why don't I use up some of my scraps for this blk. Okay - I will!! And I did. I just didn't like one of the small blks!!

I don't like the bottom right one. To dark. So I had to make it again:

Better!! Then I slept on it and woke with another idea!! Go Me!!
Why not use the backgroud as the star in the middle?? So, I did - and this is what it looks like. yes, I have them all sewn together now and I like it. All my scraps are now basically 'scraps'!! Very small pieces now!! And I do have two 'extra' blks!! But I do like this blk now. I think it's the best of all three. What do you think??

Today, my daughter tried to sew a bag... I was not much help, I try to explain, then get told how she wants it, and I finally just left her to it. Well, little mistakes were made and now, she wants nothing to do with it. Frustrated? Yes. Me too, but I did ask her if she wanted me to take it apart and that is when she told me she will never touch it again. So, I don't know if I should help or not. I wil probably take it apart - it's not that big of a mistake (she shouldn't have sew the lining on when she did) but if she is not going to ever use it, should I waste my time....

ahhhh, I am just talkin'. I know I will take it apart - and fix it. I just did not want to. But she won't ask questions because she won't like the answer..... and she won't fix it herself, I know that.

Have a Great Long Weekend Everyone!!! May the sun shine for you all weekend!! We are good Saturday, but Sunday and Monday, not so good!! Make the best of it!!


  1. Oh I like your batiks and the Stonehenge! And your blocks are so cute! I'm going to have to go back and look up the other blocks now. ;-) Or maybe you'll show us all of them together?? :-)
    My DD always made mistakes in her sewing, but if she could work around not ripping, she did~ just 'creative changes' to the pattern. LOL She was happy and so was I! ;-) Maybe your DD will change her mind abt not touching it again when it is finished up~ or you could always give it away.... ;-)

  2. Love those batiks! Especially the reddish/pink one! wow! That Stonehenge will make a very interesting background fabric choice indeed! 8-)
    Your BOM blocks look great!
    I have one daughter that doesn't have the patience to sew, and the other does, but doesn't have the time right now... I can see her sewing when she becomes a mother one day...
    Fix your daughter's bag and pop it in her room, I bet she will use it! 8-)

  3. Love the fabrics!

    It's so difficult to try to teach your kids to sew. I've tried before and it's never gone well. I hope they learn at some point.

  4. Love the red bench! I bet your daughter will touch the bag again if you take it apart and maybe even make it for her. Some people don't have as much patience for things like sewing. I think your block looks wonderful. :-)