Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stash Report week 20

Good Sunday Morning to you!!
Here is my report!! Yes, it's changed - I went shopping!!
Stash - 172 1/2 yrds
Old Stash Counted - 0
Fab. added - 3 1/2 yrds
F.A.Y.T.D. - 18 5/8 yrds (hey, that's not bad......)
Fab Used - 0
Fab. used YTD - 9 yrds (this is not true, but it's hard to count scraps)
New Stash Count - 176 yrds

Hmmm. I keep looking at my shopping this week, and want to start on new things!!

Yesterday, I had a personal retreat!! I went to sew one thing,
got a bit frustrated, so pulled out something else, that
annoyed me too, so I made a twilight blk!!
I have only 38 of the little friendship stars to make!!
I usually have my pics bigger, but I thought I would go smaller today.

I also finally decided to play with my 'X-blks' ruler I have had for months!! I really like these. You start out the blk by making a 9 patch - the ruler you are using tells you the size to cut the squares - then you put the ruler onto the square, line it up and you end up with a wonky blk like this!! Well, when you cut off the edges, you don't throw them away!! They become part of the
It's really a neat sytem!

The other really neat thing is you can make blks that will fit into the center of the bigger blk! That looks really neat. I was playing with my 3 1/4" ruler first before I made this bigger blk (6.5") and thought the little blks would make a great doll or barbie quilt....
And these guys, the cut off parts are really to small to save, but they are cute. Here is one, placed on the 6.5" blk, to show you that it would fit as the middle blk. And when you do that, they blk looks really neat!! I have only been using up scraps again - but I could see making a 'real' project with these!! they are fun to do!!
Isn't that fun!! And if the colours went together better, it would be alot of fun!! I just really like the look of them - the ruler is called the "X-Blocks" and the 2 web sites that come on the pkg are: and

Well, this is enough for now. I am going to go sew a bit more today, play with my rulers and see what else I can do!! I am thinking I will make a pillow for the couch out of these play blks!! Have a great week and bust that stash!!! Or, like me, make it grow!! ;-) that is fun too!!!


  1. I never heard of that ruler before. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Aren't those fun rulers? I have made a quilt using the bigger one and then I bought the small ruler last summer and haven't had a chance to use it yet. It looks like someting nice and quick and easy.

  3. I like the smaller block inside the larger block~ that would make a neat quilt! I'm glad you got to play! :) Have a happy day!

  4. Love your Twilight blocks and the fabrics you used in them! Awesome!

    Those X-blocks are neat! I look forward to seeing more... 8-)

    Happy stitchings!