Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday In May

This pic. was taken the other day, but it's basically what it looks like in the sky today. Not as dark though, but it's chilly out there in that wind.

I have had a nice weekend. Did not sew much at all this week. Barely even walked into the room. We had our coffee pot die on us the other day, and hubby can't live without his coffee!! So, we now have a new one. I bought the Black and Decker, Under the Counter one again. I think this is our third one, but I do like them. And it does take things off the counter, and in a small kitchen, that is nice. What else have I done?

Well, a friend and I went to 'The Butterdome" which means, we went to the Spring Craft Sale.

This is the 2nd time for a 'Spring Fesival'. Butterdome is an event where artisans and crafts people can show off and sell their wares. They have to meet a certain standard to be included in this forum and the stuff you see is wounderful!! They come from all across Canada, and it was fun to see people that I've seen at the usual Christmas Event. I have know about this for years, the Christmas one, but have only been to it for the last couple years. I didn't realize what I was missing, so I am planning on never missing it again!! I love it!! The picture here is what my friend bought me. And I have it hung on my wall proudly. This is one of my very favorite spots and my kids know it!! I love hugs - to get them and to give them. And I love this picture.

This is one of the things I want to do, hang sayings that mean something to me around my house. And since I am going to learn how to do letters quilting style, create some of my own saying in a quilted wall hanging.........

And I love Gargolyes!! So when my friend and I were out looking at house plants for her home, I found this little guy sitting amongst the plants!! He had to come home with me!!! I love him!!!

I handed him to my hubby and told him, okay, I am ready to build now.... He said 'finally'!! He has wanted to build a house for us for years, me, I just dont' want the hassles... but for some reason this little guy made me go, okay, lets build 'cause then I can have these type of things on the roof, for draining water like they used to on castles!! lol!!

Actually, it's the wanting to be outside, gardening, playing in a yard enjoying the outdoors and having a house where houseplants thrive. Creating a greenhouse and garden area, my very own crafts area, with all my plans and dreams included in it........ I want to move. At least, that is how I am feeling today. I am tired of it being beautiful one day and winter cold coming the next. In our old house, I had over a hundred plants, and they were healthy and beautiful. Even in the middle of winter I felt like it would end. We moved here.... I love this house and it's location, so many good things I like, but, I only have about 7 plants that have managed to survive in it. The lighting is awful!!!! And with our basement flooding last March, we are still trying to get the basement right again....... lets just go find someplace we both like and build our dream home........ I don't have to worry about moving any time soon though! We both have differnt ideas of where we want to live!!!

I have transplanted my tomato though!! And it was lonely, so I went to a couple green houses and now he has friends!!! I bought a Tumbler tomato plant -LOVE!!!! Tumblers!!! I have two pepper plants, one Jalepeno and the other one Habenero. Let's see if I can make them grow and produce anything. I had pretty good luck when I had my deck - kinda protected from the wind and sun most of the day...... I made salsa from them, and it was good!! And I also bought a flower and 6 strawberry plants. Hubby killed all my strawberries last year....... so I tried them in containers.... they did not survive the winter, so I am putting them now where they will at least have a chance.
My rhubarb is coming up again!!

How this little rhubarb is still alive, is beyond me!! Proves that they are very resilant plants!! And, just makes me know, if I do move, ever - it's coming with me!! For the first 4 yrs after we moved here, it lived in a small pot that I had put it in for the move over.... I didn't have a spot to put him in the ground in, and figure I would find one. Then I would realize it was sitting out there, in that litle pot, in the dead of winter, not protected and figured it was dead.... that made me sad. But, every spring, I would check his pot and sure enought, there was life coming out of it!!!! The first year I was shocked, the other 3 years I was mad at myself for not putting him in the ground!!! So, last year, I finally did - he got put in the front flower bed. And now, I will plant my strawberries around him!!!

See how little my garden is?? The tall one in the back right hand corner is my tomato that I replanted. We don't plant until the May long weekend, so they will have alot of time to wait and grow by the front window........

Oh! I have finished another older book - "Don't Cry it's Only Thunder" by Paul G. Hensler. It's his experiance in the Vietnam war. He ended up meeting a bunch of kids, orphans, and the two nuns who are trying to keep them safe and how he helped them, and how they changed his life. I enjoyed this book. He did end up doing a movie of his experiance, but I have not seen it. This is one of those books that 'hmmm, sounds interesting', and got put on my pile of 'maybe someday'. I am glad I read it.

Another thing I am doing this month is: I am drinking Wholy Tea. Have your ever heard of it??? It's a tea that my sister keeps talking about, so yesterday when I was in the health food store, I asked if they had it. Well, yes, they did. So, I bought it. It's "The Total Body Detox. It's as easy as 1,2, Tea" I have never done a cleanse or a de-tox before, so we will see what happens. It's tea that you steep for 8 hrs before you drink it, in the weeks worth of water- so you makes the weeks tea now, and you drink a few cups a day till it's done. Then, you dry out the tea bags (that have been in the water the whole time) and use the dried leaves in the food your eating - sauces, soups, smoothies......... I am just learing here!!! But I was surprised that the tea tasted good this morning. And you drink it cold - do not reheat it. But you can also add it to things, so..... I am woundering what it will do to me??!! lol!! Tracey says not to venture to far from a toilet... I will have to keep that in mind.

And I am not doing very well on the walking......... I have to keep telling myself I love to exercise - maybe that will work. Actually, I have not been doing much lately of thing I had planned.

Okay. Take care and enjoy this week. I am going to. And I am going to sew. Plus, I bought a huge pkg. of hamburger to make some burgers for the freezer. Then I am ready to BBQ at a moments notice. We did that last night, and I liked it. Steaks, corn on the cob, fresh veggies and dip....... Yup, I am so ready for the outdoors and summer sunshine, these cloudy cold days just bring me down. Talk soon!!


  1. hey, it's pretty chilly today in Windsor but the sun is shining. People are out in shorts but I find that a little to cold. I'm not complaining because it will soon be sweltering and I don't like that kind of weather. Good luck on the build and really plan that craft/sewing area. A sink or a small bathrrom nearby would be great.

  2. Holy smokes! That is a loaded post!!! lol! 8-)
    Thank goodness I don't have 6 to catch up on!!!

    It is dark, wet and dreary out here today... bla!

    I get the sense that you are very excited with the small growth showing up around your home! I hope you have lots of tomatoes and peppers to make salsa this year! Rhubarb, my Unc used to say that one could probably blow the stuff up and it would still grow back in the spring!!! 8-)

    Darling gargoyle! If only your hubby knew that is all that it would have taken to get you to agree to build! 8-)

    So how is the Wholy Tea experience coming along? Something I should consider, but I will wait to hear of your opinion...

    I've been getting out for a walk most days... having 2 little fur-girls will make that happen... 8-)

    Hope you are getting some sewing in! How is that volunteer job going?

    Burgers!?! What time! Just let me get my shoes on and I am there! 8-)

  3. Brenda,
    Well, I need to do alot this weekend around the house and I should attend to the dandelions growing in the garden already.

    I want to get my yard ornaments out, the things that winter in the garage-gazing ball, lawn furniture, metal sculptures. I think we are safe from too much snow now!

    Love the gargoyle. We grilled out some steaks already. They were so good. I love it when DH grills because I don't have to do much cooking.

    I am not sure what quilt project I am going to tackle next. I have to prioritize things I believe.
    Have a great weekend!