Sunday, May 10, 2009

Stash Busting week 19

My Stash has not changed since last week. I have finally sewn, but still, not enough to count it yet. So, my stash total is still at 172 1/2 yrds.

I have finally got the last Goose blk done. And my BOM one. So easy, but they sure took me a long time to do this month. Granted, I did have to do the goose one twice, but still, I got it basically all done in one day the first time - weeks later for the second one........

So, this one looks way better than the first one I did...... Granted, this one was not sewn together, but even just sitting there, I did not like it.

So, now I will show you the BOM that I have done. This blk was given when I was in Kelowna, but my friends got it for me, so my next blk on Tuesday will be free!! You have to have the last months blk done, or it cost your $7 for the next one. This one, because I was away, I had to pay for. It's okay though, I got it done!! Easy blk. Quick to do. here it is.

There. Done!!

Happy Mothers Day by the way!!

Today we went to the Star Trek movie. I liked it. Yes, I can be a trekkie - but not a full blown one!! I could never travel in outerspace on a ship, and I don't want to fight, so I guess I'll just stay a civilian and stay on earth. But I do like action movies, and this one is full of it!! I am not a romantic/chick flick type of girl. I also watched the movie 'Doubt' last night. I liked it......
Saw "Marley and Me" on Friday night - and the way the dog was moving at the end, was to close to how my girl walks. She has just turned 11 yrs old last month, and she has been with me constantly for all that time. I do not want to think about her not being here...... so, her is her pic. so you can see her face.
And with this last pic. I am going now. See Myra, I can make smaller posts!! ;-)
It is supposed to be beautiful out this week, and I am going to go out and enjoy the sunshine. Make sure you get your Vit D this week too!! The science guys are realizing how important this Vitamin is, so make sure you get yours!!! Here is to a productive week. I have been so unproductive, that I am really hoping to make this week my turn around week. Here is to sewing!!


  1. ooo the new goose block is lovely...

  2. I avoid movies with dogs and animals as the subject. Hollywood always makes it a point to make them tear jerkers. What is it about me that makes me look at my dogs when they get on in years, especially my Zoe who is 8yrs old, and think about their shortness of life instead of enjoying them everyday?

    I want to see Star Trek sooooo bad!

    Happy Mother's Day...a day late. Hope you had a good day. I got cards, a coffee bought by my dh, and pancakes that I didn't have to cook. YUM! Took the girls out shopping to spend the b'day money from grandma that was burning holes in their pockets. I tried to talk C out of the black eyeliner to no avail and took S to Build-a-Bear...there's something about spending $40 on bear clothes that makes me sigh (thank goodness we had $30 in bear bucks that she earned from a party two years ago that were about to expire.)

    We finished out the day with spaghetti and lasagna since C was still feeling the effects of the flu from the day before and postponed our BBQ with my parents. (notice she was well enough to shop.)

    I sewed a little--the darn grizzly bear block! The one that is from a 10" pattern that I had to reduce to 5"--why do I challenge myself i this way. It better turn out okay as much time as I've spent on it!!


  3. Your block looks much more happy now! 8-)
    Nice BOM block... I did one of those a few years back. Ended up paying $5 a few times for blocks not done or a friend picking it up for me... Shame on me I still have 2 blocks to do!!! 8-(

    Haven't seen "Marley and Me", but any movie with a fur-friend will get me teary... You have a sweet fur-girl there... 8-)

    LOL! Smarty-pants! I am tending to do some long posts again myself!!! Still playing catch up with other's blogs... 8-(

    We've got beautiful sun here also the last 2 days... Heading out for my "w" with the fur-girls soon...

    Happy stitchings! 8-)