Thursday, May 14, 2009

Snow in May?!?

Yes, I woke up to snow!! Not alot, but still coming down!! This is my crazy front yard. It used to be all grass besides this build up bed, which used to hold a big ol' tree thing. I can not remember the name of the tree that was in there. We took it out when we changed light poles, and this is where the rhubarb got planted. And where I am going to put strawberries. Last year I had a few plants in it and it worked just fine. Sun all day.

And I got a surprise yesterday. My oldest daughter and I were sitting in the sun the other day, when it was sunny!! And I made a comment about the bench we were sitting on, that I thought it would look good in a fire engine red, and with the sides re-painted a nice black. Then we could paint the front door to match!! ;) Well, while I was watching Seven Pounds with my other daughter (have you seen it??? What did you think?? I liked it) My daugher did this...
I think it looks really good. Is it dry yet?? I forgot to check, and with the cold, it just might still be wet!!
My hubby last year, took out all my yard, to create the 2nd driveway that in the first pic you see to the left...... He has a 5th wheel, that he can now park in the back yard... where there used to be grass and apple trees............ I just took it in stride last year, but this spring I have realized how much it does bother me. I have no yard and no deck - which means... where am I supposed to put my flowers.... where do I...... ahh suck it up buttercup, it's all going to be fine...... I hope!! So, this is my adventure today. I have a pretty bench to sit and read on, and even though it's kinda hidden, it gets great sun in the morning!!
Enjoy the sunshine - and then send it my way!! My plants are staying inside again!! One day they will get to be out in the real sun, but for now, they are safer inside!!!


  1. I slept in, missing the snow, but my peonies, tulips, lilies even the rhubarb are all curling their toes up and wilting from the freezing they took :-(

  2. Sounds like Denver weather. LOL.

    I read the movie spoiler for Seven Pounds, but I know you won't say that that counts.

    M bought us Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, but we haven't watched it yet. I happened upon 24, Season 4 at the library so we started watching that last night. He was so funny--he was so proud of himself that he bought it at Costco. He came home with it and then asked me how much it was at WalMart and then was like, "Oh..." He never pays attention to prices and thinks that if it's at Costco it will be cheaper. I don't care because at least he bought it!

    I'm off to a Brownie hotel sleep over. One of the girl's dad owns a limo company and so he is treating us to a ride to the hotel in a limo. My first time!

  3. Love your blog title quilt photo!!! Great fabrics! 8-)

    We had snow here on Wednesday after the day of rain... Apparently we are to expect a big amount of snow at some point today... yahoo spring...NOT! 8-(

    Your red bench looks great! Love it! What a sweetheart your daughter is!

    My hubby keeps "adding" to our already too many vehicles... I think it is a midlife thing... Driving me nuts!

    Hope you are getting lots of stitching done! 8-)

    There... I think I am finally caught up on my fav blog friends... 8-)