Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Windy, Cold Tuesday!!

Today is a really chilly day!! It is also my BOM day - so it's now home with me!! Plus more goodies!! Yes, I did a little shopping today - ready to see?

This product is called "Mary Ellen's Best Press". My friend, who was walking around with a huge jug of it loves it. She told me to go and buy a little bottle and try it. I guess when you find your fabric really wrinkled and it won't iron out (has that really happened to anyone besides me???? ;-) she said this will just make that material relax and iron out smooth and be just fine to work with. So, I am going to give it a try...... It also doesn't attract bug like starch can, so I hear. My bottle is unscented - but she loves the lilac smell.

When I find some wrinkled fabric, I hope I remember I bought this so I can give it a try!!
Here is some more shopping!!
(I am sure you don't want to see the groceries, so lets just stick to the quilt store stuff!!) I bought two charm packs and some batiks. I also bought a bag of scraps - love scraps!!
The christmas fabric got me wanting it - and
it ends up its a stip!! lol!!
But I do like my scrap bag!!

I can always use more neutral fabrics and the cream and the white, kinda glare in the picture!! After the Double Delight, my pinks are basically gone, so this will help with that!!
I have also found a pattern for a baby quilt that I kinda like. Enough that I made a short cut to it!!. I am not a 'coin' person, but for some reason I like this one. So, went I went into my LQS, I saw this right away....

This is a Moda fabric called
"Northern Solitude". And I kept looking at it. "For a baby quilt?", I asked myself. And finally decided yes, for a baby quilt!! The colours are not in your face, nor are they babish. Suitable for a boy or a girl - and it just feels calming....... and, they won't 'out grow it' like butterflies and baby toys.......

No, I did not buy the backing or the sashing/borders yet, but I have the charms. There are 36 squares in each pkg.

My next fabrics are for my future Orian Star. And here they are. (I was only going to buy two - a light and a dark...... guess I can't count!!)
By the time I am done collecting, I think I will have some really pretty fabrics to use.
And this brings me to my thoughts this weekend.
I am thinking of planning my own personal retreat!! I am going to see if I can find a day, when no one will be home, or if I can go away.... and just sew like I am running out of time!!! No interuptions, no guilt, no phone (if at home I will unplug them all!! lol!!) and see if I can get myself finishing things - or starting and finishing, or really, to just have some fun!!!
In the store today, they have so many ideas, books, temptations, that it is hard to resist sometimes. And today, I was in a spending kind of mood, so I am glad I stopped when I did.
I think the weather turning so bloody cold helped with that!! Snow is in the forcast and it's cold out there.
That wicked wind, as I was putting the groceries into the car, kept pushing my buggy!!! And it did grab my bags and blow them away!! Lost at least one of them, but someone caught the heavier one and brought it back to me as he's looking around the parking lot to see where it had come from!!! The bag I did loose was a really nice heavy plastic one. Bought it from Super Store, and they last forever!!!!!! I love 'em, so I was sorry to see it fly away!! But what can you do when it's just you and your not done yet, with a buggy that's trying to go too and ..... ahhhh!!!
But, I am home now, with my tea, sharing my fun day with you and I am glad to be out of the wind!!
Thanks for stopping by!!
OH, and I bought myself a marigold! Last night, I cleaned out a couple pots for my pepper plants and realized they need some flowers to share the pot with. This is a start. Marigolds are not a favorite, but the bugs don't like 'em, so that is why I have to have then in my containers!! And they do attract the bugs that help the peppers - you know, the ones that buzzz and make us honey!! I would love to have a hive in my backyard, but hubby says no...... Then again, what he doesn't know won't hurt him.... or will it!!?? lol!! ;-)


  1. I am a big fan of the Best Press stuff. I love it for little blocks too. We are prepping out square foot garden but it is too cold yet to plant, Memorial day, No sooner. How funny you talk of bees, my hubby and I often talk of having a hive someday!! I love honey.

  2. I shall have to go out and buy some of the Best Press stuff and give it a try... Don't like the starch stuff...
    A totally great buy of goodies! I absolutely love that third batik you have there! 8-)
    We are having a yucky rain day here today... were to have had thunder storms over night, but I didn't hear it IF we did have it...
    Do you sew/gather with other quilters at all?

  3. Good morning!~ What a fun shopping trip!! I love the batiks, and the scraps! LOL :-)) I have had the Best Press in my hot a little hands a number of times, but always end up not getting it. If I ever find unscented it will be mine too!! :-) Have a great day despite the weather! :-)

  4. Snow? I feel sorry for you. No snow here but it's still chilly with frost warnings 2 days this week. I love Best Press especially the green one. I can't remember the scent but I like it better than the lavender. I have a gallon jug of the lavender which I want to use up before I get a jug of the other. It looks like you had a successful shopping trip. I wonder what the old stash report is going to look like. You had better get busy sewing . I can't wait to go fabric shopping again. have a great day and enjoy your weather.

  5. Thanks for telling me about Best Press. I have had some fabrics that I cannot get the wrinkles out of no matter what I try.

    Your fabrics are wonderful.