Sunday, August 16, 2009

End of another weekend....

Ahhhhhh, it's just starting to rain outside. It was hot a little earlier, and I was not expecting rain. I am trying to make meals for my freezer today - and I did something that I have not tried before. I am trying to make chicken nuggets - out of the Brain Power cookbook I just finished reading. It is not a freezer meal in the sense that is tells you to freezet these things. I just got them cut up and the cornflake crumbs/seasoning put on them, then popped them into the freezer......... Later, when they are frozed, I will pop them into a labeled bag and cook them when I want to give them a try. It would be a good snack night (movie night) thing, or as a lunch maybe.
I have added three books to my read list and yes, they are all cook books. Two are for making up things for the freezer and they are new to me - but I do like them. The meals sound good, and who doesn't want a good meal that you don't have to think up quickly!! I love having things ready to be re-heated or cooked sitting in my freezer. Makes dinner time a breeze, and some days, you really need quick and easy without the take-out expense!!!
The Brain Power book, well, it talks about how foods can affect your moods/state of mind. I know for me, sugar is something that can send me over the edge, so, since I have realized this, I try to keep my sugar consumption down, way down!!!
And it talks about sleep and what foods to add or to avoid.
Clarity of mind, what helps to think clearly and what foods help you avoid that middle of the day slump....
I enjoyed reading it because I know food can have impacts on you without you even realizing it. I liked the part that talks about what to feed your kids in the morning before school, so they can stay awake and ready to learn!! Now, to re-read that part and see if I can get them to eat it!!! Teenagers, they don't always co-operate!!

Do you play Freecell on the computer?? How about Spider Solitare?? Well, I play them both, Freecell way longer than spider, but with spider, I am now on the last level and yes, I win. Not all the time, but enough.
Freecell, I started at game #1 (twice!! I was in the early thousands) and am now at game #11282. I lost my game number I was on once, so instead of searching for it some more, I just started over!!! And yes, I have won every game that I have played so far with Freecell. I am not allowed to move onto the next game until it's won. I have heard they are all winnable, and so far it's been true. Some can take me days to win, others I can play up to 20 in one sitting.
The reason I ask is, I use these games as a 'coffee break' or when I am mad or upset, as a way to get my mind off it!!! I find them a good break in the day, waiting for muffins to cook, or a phone call, this helps break up the wait time.
Well, I just came on here to say 'hi'. I will be getting a picture of the neighbors dog, so you can see how cute she is!! Once I get my kitchen cleaned up, maybe I will do that today!! Rain seems to have stopped!!
And we have had frost warnings these past couple nights. I am covering everything up tonight to, just to be on the safe side!!


  1. LOL Spider Solitaire for me. I had Freecell but lost it when the hard drive crashed. Too lazy to put it back~ or maybe I'm avoiding it so I stay off of the computer. ;-) Are you back in the 'padded room'? :-))

  2. I get hooked on games, too! I've weened myself off of the Facebook games, though. If my sister would stop sending to requests for Mafia Wars and Farmville, I would be happy. I've resisted so far.