Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stash Busting Week 35 (really???)

I do not have a 'real' report - I just know that I have finally finished, or at least got the blks together, still have borders to do - but my "Twilight" quilt top is done....... no pics because camera is full and I am not touching it!!

But I have busted 13 1/4 yrds for my blks!!! Yeah!!!! I have actuall moved some real numbers here!!!

I am almost caught up on my 20 min. sewing a day - sewed for about 6 hrs today, with about 3 hrs left for tomorrow and then I am in the clear for Sept!!!

And the best part, I enjoyed myself today in my sewing room. This has been a long time coming. I did not want to sew, and didn't. But I am so behind in my project goals for this year, and I keep seeing more of what I would love to do - my guild is starting up again here in a couple weeks and my Shop Hop starts on the 10th. Actually, my guild meet is that night too, so I will be busy that day!!

Next week, a real report, but I am so proud of my numbers this week. It has been a long time coming, for me to actually post a real number to show that I am using up my stash. I decided when I started this, I would not post a patterns fabric use, the blocks I am making, until I have the top done. With making all these blks, I couldn't say how much was used!!! But once they were all done and sewn together (yes, i will have a pic soon!!!) then I can say - this is how much fabric the pattern told me I had to have to make it!!

Alright. I feel really good tonight. I would not stop sewing today till I got this top done and *It's Done!!!* Borders are next for it, and I will have numbers to report when I get those on too!!!

Have a Great Week!! It is the start of Sept this week. And tomorrow, I will have something new on my design wall...... I am torn to what it should be!!! I am in the 'get it done' mood, so who's next???!! ?? lol!!!


  1. Congratulations on your accomplishment! It does feel so good to say "I'm done" with something. Now you're all energized to go onto the next thing!

  2. Way to go!

    Kind of scary, isn't it? Week 35 and September.

    I washed my tote of Christmas fabric this weekend. I've only started ironing it... The tote got left upstairs since last summer, then the lid got off of it, and THEN Ginger-dog laid in a couple of times so I broke down and washed it all. (I never wash my fabric before I use it. In fact, it never gets washed until it's in a quilt and finished.)

  3. Whoohoo! Way to go! :) It's great that you have your sewing mojo back and wow!~ that's a lot of fabric that will need replacing! :-)) LOL