Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stash Busting week 32

I have nothing to report. I have not bought anything, I have hardly been in my sewing room - it's nice and sunny out there you know, why would I want to be inside on hot sunny days I ask you?????
But, I did, with alot of frustration and leaving the room, manage to sew together my lates BOM. I do not like the way this one got sewn together. I have another pattern to make it and it's - compared to this one - excellant!! so, here is the stressful blk I have manged to sew this week:

I am all caught up on my BOM - I usually sew this together the night I get it so it's done. I forgot this month!!! It looks okay, but this is not a blk I want to make again the way this one is done. And it's 9" not the 9 1/2" it should be..... oh well, it's done. (I look at it and it's not looking like it should have been as stressful as it was. I had to re-cut pieces, un-sew pieces, and it drove me nuts!! I finally get myself back into the sewing room for this???!! lol!!! It's done. That is all I can say!!)

Went through my plans for 2009 last night - uh, I have not done much on my 'goals' list for the year............ I am working on that though. Learing how to stick to my plans and do my goals. Goals are a new thing for me though. It is hard to change patterns and catch yourself falling back to old habits........ but I am going to just keep on working on my 'new' habits till I don't have to think about them anymore. And one of the habits I am working on is to finish my projects........ Not leave them 1/2 done, or almost done, and put them away!!!

And it's August. Time to think school, fall, Christmas, canning, storing foods.... I have been doing alot of thinking in that regard. I do freezer meals - meals you spend a day, a few hours, creating meals that you put in your freezer to use later. Either cook from raw or re-heat. And I have myself a small library of how-to books on this subject. I have been finding myself going through them this past week, planning on what to make to have ready to pull out for the fall/winter months. I want to be an organized home maker. Not this fly by the seat of my pants, what-ever happens happens, type of person I am right now!!! I like this person, but, I think I would like her more if she got it together!!! So, I am working on being more of the person I want to grow up to be!!!!

Have a great week and here is to a blk on Tuesday - my BOM day, that doesn't make me crazy!!! And since I will be in a LQS, my numbers may change for the next stash report.....?! ;-)


  1. I think you have been thinking too much! Just sew and forget all that preparing meals and cooking/canning stuff. Who has time for all that? Actually I would like to do all that stuff but it's not me. Every year for Christmas, my friend gives me a huge box of stuff that she has canned and it's the greatest gift. My family loves all the stuff in there especially the peaches. All the time it takes and the knowledge and the patience!

  2. Oh no... I wouldn't get anywhere if I couldn't fly by the seat of my pants! LOL

    I started a swap once and found the blocks to be just too fussy to continue... I liked them but you couldn't streamline the process so they took too long to make each month - so I wienned out of the swap...

    I've got to get an inventory of what canned goods I have left from last year and make a plan for this year... Blackberry syrup is one thing I'm making a bunch of - we love using it.