Monday, August 24, 2009

Design Wall Monday!!

It has been awhile since I have been sewing - but I did yesterday - and with my 20 minute a day goal, I am now working on August's times!!! I realized yesterday, I have not sewn for 4 weeks!!! I got all caught up in July, and stopped sewing....... ahhhhhhh!! So, all the days in July have been crossed off (yes, I have a '20' written on every day on my calender - so when I have sewn for the goal of the 20 minutes I cross it off. I now have all the days done for July - that is good. So, before Sept starts, I plan on having all of the August ones caught right up!!! Start Sept. with no backlog - start fresh!!)

I have some exciting news!! Last night, before I shut my computer off, I always check my email. Well, I got this email:

Hey Brenda!
You're name was just chosen as the winner of the give away on Incredible Women this week! We'll send the jewelry that Kristin made out to you this week. Thanks so much for being a follower of the blog and for commenting. (originally, the set included earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace, but Kristin was sick this week and was only able to do the earrings and matching bracelet. I hope that's ok. It's a beautiful set - antique silver, amethyst colored beads and dragonflies!)Can you please email me your address and I'll get that into the mail to you.Thanks again, and CONGRATULATIONS!-Kara

I was shocked!!!!

If you have never been to this site you have to check it out!! I really enjoy reading/hearing about people who have kept it together when things go bad - and how they manage to...... well, manage. I admire people who respond and not react. Me, I react, then wish I would have responded instead. I am working on this -working on remembering to, just think before I go off the handle!!

And this is a new blog, but I love that she is looking for 'real' woman. I was so surprised last night. I honestly didn't know what to say..... I usually don't comment on blogs that are having give-aways, and I don't usually go check blogs with give aways - well, that's a lie, I go and check it out, but rarely comment. I like to visit when it's just a visit - see what is going on, what they are up to, intereting points of view, things that make me laugh. I don't need a gift to make me come visist,\. If I like the site - I am going to come anyway!!

So this was a real surprise. I thought that the time frame had passed, so I was 'safe'!! Kidding, I just posted what I thought. But here is question: do dragonflies have any 'meaning'??? The reason I ask is, when I was a kid, my aunt gave me a dragonfly pin. My daugher a couple years ago gave me dragonfly ornament, and now this jewerly has dragonflies on it!! I love dragonflies. As a kid I would always try to catch one - never did!! They are so pretty, at least I think they are.

Well, lets talk about my design wall!!! When I left the sewing room, I was starting to put together 'Twilight'. I thought maybe I had missed some of the last "how-to's", but I am not worring about that now. I have the pic of how it's supposed to go together, and I am working it like that. This quilt, was not the one I had picked to do when Planet Patchowork said 'choose your Favorite' - I found this one to busy. Well, I still think it is, but I did it. On my own time frame!! I knew that I wanted a 'special' background fabric. I wanted it black, but not just plain ol' blk and when I found this suff at a close out sale - I had to have it!!! And that is when 'twilight' was born!!!

It's all stars and I thought of outer-space, so this is my version of flying to the moon, or mars, or beyond........ Never, Never Land!!!

So, this is on my Design Wall - and soon to be on my 'tops' pile!!!!

Not a great pic - most of the quilt is missing, but my room is small, and I couldn't fit it all into the frame!! But this is a good intication of what it will look like - busy, busy, busy!!! But - I do like it. I even have the two rows that are sewn together draped over the top of this 'wall', just so I could fit all the pieces of the quilt top on there to get a view of where everything should fit, and since I have so many colours in it, so that the colours are spread out and not all grouped together!!

yup want to see this one put together, and then get onto some other things that I want to get to the finish line!!! Next Monday will be a different project!! No more month off here - just a month of working 20 minutes plus!!!! to get it all done!!

Now to see what you have all been up to over a Judy's............ bye!!


  1. Brenda: I found this interesting interpretation of the significance of dragonflies.
    Take it for what it's worth, but there are some nice thoughts in it.

  2. Who says you haven't been busy?!

    Congratulations on your win!!!

  3. Check out Look at "Myths and legends", it gives some information you might find interesting. I really like dragonflies, in fact I have dragonfly earrings on right now.