Saturday, August 22, 2009

I am back from the movie!!!

Well, if you want to have a few laughs and just enjoy yourself, go see Julie & Julia!!! I loved it!!! It is not the book redone - it is, not better, but perfect!!! I really enjoyed the book, and was glad it was different from it. It is funny!! I came home and wrote this down as a new list on my white board, to remind myself and anyone else who cares, to me this is a DVD to get!!!
And, watching the trailers, I have added 4 more movies on my list of movies I want to see!!!

I am so glad I started this list again. I started to keep track years ago when the kids where young and I didn't remember the movies I thought I would like to see. So I started to keep track and write them down!! Some of the movies I have written on it right now, I have not seen yet in the rental place or heard about again!!! I still want to see them, but I guess I'll to wait till they just show up in my life - like "The Visitor" did!! While in Kelowna, I kept picking this movie up from the sale rack, not sure why, but I did buy it. When I told my daughter the movies I had bought, she said, "Well, that one is on your list!!" And, I/we really enjoyed it!! If I hadn't written it down, would I have picked it up subconsiously??? Doubt it!! So, I love my list!!

And here is the neighbors dog that I told you about. She is now tied up on a chain the lengh of a leash...... at least she can get into her dog house. I hope they have water for her... anyways!!!! I have a picture or two of her to show you. She is the only dog that I have ever wanted that belonged to someone else..... and they are moving soon.......I am so scared for her. If this is how they look after her here - what will they do to her out where no one can see?? And with winter coming.......... Okay, enough. It is just making my tummy tighten. I will show you pics of this beautiful puppy who brings me such joy. We all love her - even my two dogs!! And the cat doesn't mind her either. I wish they would ask me to take her..... I would, without hesitation!!

Here is Lexi!!!!


  1. Start the save Lexi fund and I will contribute. May be they would sell her to you?

    She is adorable!! I have such a thing for animals. I can't watch the Pedigree dog food commercials with the shelter dogs, I turn the channel when there are news stories about abuse, and I won't watch movies where animals die.

    One of the food banks here is having a pet food drive. (This is kind of a new thing. Many of the shelters collect food for shelter animals.) A lot of people are surrendering their animals to shelters because they can't afford to feed them. I would just be devastated. If someone could get food for their pet from the food bank, they could keep their pet!

    On another note: I've not been reading at all. I'm really missing it. I've just not been to the library, especially since I've not been to my mom's regularly. I had a card in her district. It makes no sense to drive across town to check out books. I need to start going to mine.

    I do need to snap out of it. I think I'm happier when I'm reading and sewing. Well, at least I have other things to be talk about and focus on.

    Glad you liked the movie!

  2. Oh she is so cute! I can see why she stole your heart! :)
    What are the blocks in your header? I like them! :)

  3. Lexi is precious! I can see why you all get along
    with her :^) Glad you liked the movie, I've heard
    that from other people as well. The movie I'm looking forward to is Sherlock Holmes coming out on 25/12/09.