Friday, March 12, 2010

Beautiul Day!

Well, I had my quilt guild meeting last night. Before I left, I kinda didn't want to go, but since I have the keys, I had to!! When I got there, the door was open and people were already inside!!! That was fun! I liked that simply because it made me feel like I belonged there.... hmmm, strange way to feel. I liked that I didn't have people waiting for me to show up, that I guess I was late and didn't have that pressure that I hadn't done what I was supposed to, like be on time!!! And we had a backwards meeting!!!

We had a woman come and do a demo for us. This a rare event - AND - she is coming back on the the 20th to teach us a class!!! On a lone star blk!!! PRETTY BLK!!!!! I am so excited simply because, one, we are having a person come to teach and two, it's something I would love to learn to do!!!!!!! AND THE BEST THING IS - I DON'T WORK THAT DAY!!!!!

So, that is fantastic!! Now I need to figure out my fabrics for this blk. Which is why when I got home, I pulled out (finally found!) my batiks for me 'Orion Star' project I have planned. This ended up being my 20 min of sewing last night. Did I find any fabric I want to use, not really, but I do have enough fabric to start this quilt. No more buying batik FQ's!!! Now, I am woundering if having a quilt top made from only batiks would be ugly........

I hate second guessing myself, but I do not want a quilt that has beautiful fabrics in it, look like a disaster when done. Ah, I will just go ahead and make a couple blks and see what I think then...... but not until I get my blue blocks done and the BOM blk and get some of the Christmas blks done.... so, why am I on here when I should be sewing??????? :-)

Brenda - that is the ladies name who came to do the demo, showed us a ruler that I have been wanting for years!! I saw it years ago on Simply Quilts, and could not find it so figured it was a States thing, not avalible in Canada. It's called "Shape Cut Plus" and it's by June Tailor. It's a slotted ruler and I know I am going to love it!!!!!! It helps you to cut more acurate strips of fabric and many layers at a time!! So, all the cutting for my blue blocks would have been done in less time!!! BONUS!!! And once you cut the strips, pick up the ruler, lay it down again the other way, and make squares, or triagles , and even diamonds!! Although, dimonds are not something I use often, but I do use squares and strips!!! And I am so looking forward to doing this class with her. She owns a store that I have never been to before, so I guess 'road trip' is on my schedual!!!!
Here is the ruler, with a nice 'flash' mark in the middle, I shut that flash bulb off - I didn't realize it had done it on this one, but I 'fixed' the next picture!! So, this is how big this ruler is - It take up the whole mat!!!

And here is the name and little hints of what this new toy can do. Can you imagine cutting out your strips for your 'worms' or the jelly rolls in half the time!!

Brenda said, at the story, they use their big one to cut all the stores jelly rolls and layer cakes and charm squares and anything like that and they are all perfectly cut with this ruler!!!!

Hmmm, anyone have any stash they would like to break down into food groups???? lol!! Invite your friends over for tea and layer cakes! Jelly rolls!!! And sew the day away!!!

Yup, I think i am going to like this ruler....

Now, the other thing I was searching for last night is my ruler bag..... a bag the will hold anything you need to take to a class to a freind house to sew. It hold rulers , large mat, and any tools that you need. It is perfect and I was looking for such a bag for awhile, so when I saw the patten I grabbed it! I started it a long time ago, and hit a snag - for some reason I stopped working on it and put it away.... and now, I want it done. Like NOW!!!! And, with my mess of projects that I have stored in my room, I do not know where it is. I am so glad I 'oganized' my room........ I will find it, but in time to have it done for this class?????
And here is a close up of the ruler - see the slots that you put your rotary cutter into, and the line you follow to make your cut.... She didn't have her hand on the ruler at all, she just put the cutter in there and cut, then moved it to her next slot and cut again...... She said she cuts up to 8 layers at a time. That is alot of cutting!!!
And when she is doing funny cutting, or lots of it, she marks her ruler with glow tape or even masking tape, that way, you don't cut wrong!!
And yes, you can do 1/4" cuts with this - just follow the directions that are provide with the ruler!!
I bought myself a new toy!!! And the mess in my room, is not going to be making me crazy anymore!!!! I have no reason not to make my projects, so French Braid - I am a commin' for you!!!! (But, ahem, not this month.... lets make it a summer project - once I get this guild project gone and now the orion star - that has been waiting a long time to do, so lets get it done!!!!
Have a super fantastic weekend and enjoy evey minute of it!! I know that on Monday, I am going to the DVD store (almost said 'video') and renting "Planet 51"!! On Mondays, it's a 2 for 1 deal, and you get them for 2 days, so that is when I like to rent movies. And that Planet 51 looks funny!!! I am off to get my blks done!!!!! (was going to go to the store, but that can wait. I have lost projects waiting to be found and one calling my name and ones that need to be worked on before I do anything else!!! SEE!! I am creating good habits - and it's working for me!!!!!


  1. Wow~ sounds like it was a very fun meeting! I have a ruler with slots~ always forget to pull it out when I'm cutting strips. :^o Have a great sewing day!!

  2. I have TWO of the slotted rulers. I thought I had lost one, and bought another one. Then, I found the first one! Yes, I store them under the mattress in the camper, and it had gotten slid way up towards the head of the bed. LOL I do use it a lot!