Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yes, I went shopping.....

I took a long drive to a quilt store I have only been to once, and wasn't exactly sure where I was going!!! But when I got to the town, I thought to myself, either find it or go back home, so I drove around a bit, turned a corner and saw the store out of the corner of my eye!! I parked and went in. Did I find what I was looking for?? No. She had a quilt class on a book I want to check out, and thought she might have a copy of the book in the store, on sale....... Do I know the name of the book?? NO! That would be to easy!!! But I do know what it looks like, and there was none there. Did I leave empty handed?? Nope. Bought fabrics and a ruler!!

I have been looking for this ruler for awhile now. Isn't this the one Bonnie Hunter always talks about?? I am sure it is, and even though I don't need it, I am glad to have it - for the next time I do a Bonnie quilt!!

Am not sure exactly how to use it - have not even taken it out of the pkg yet!! This was the only size she had, I think there is one bigger, but I don't know for sure. It will go into my collection along with the other fabrics I bought!!

These are the browns I bought.

Brown is the first colour choice I had when I thought of making the box blks that I am doing now in the blue. I liked the way it looked in the book and thought, hmmm, why not??
Then the guild challenge came up, and my colour choice was changed. It's why I also bought the blues above, but I still like the idea of a brown quilt.... and not just brown!! This one, if and when I make it, can have other colours thrown in!!

And today was my BOM day. So, I have my new blk to make and I shopped......

This is my flannel backing for my Christmas Lights Quilt!!! It is in the dryer right now, and will be washed again before I take it to my quilter!! Still need to make the label.........

I like it that it's green trees on a black background with the gold stars shining and it's flannel!! Was going to use the cotton I have here, but flannel is so much cozier and warmer and it's a Christmas quilt!! I don't live in a warm climate, so warmth in the winter counts!!!

And I didn't stop here either.......
I am going to be making more Christmas type quilts, I know I am, and I saw the green in the middle and picked it up. When I told my friend what I was doing, she grabbed the other 'Christmassy type fabric with the gold going throught it' and handed it to me.... So I thought, eh, why not?? And then I grabbed two more of the reds I bought last time!! Now I have 4 FQ's of that fabric!! I just really like it!!!

And then I saw this pretty batik and I had to bring it home with me, and then I saw his friend!! They are both a really soft purple/green muted fabric, and just really pretty. The 'friend' is fish!!! And I like 'em.
Everybody is in the bath right now. (uh, washer!!) and will be able to play once they are all cleaned and de-stinkified!!!
Then ironed and cut and made into something!!
Well, at least the blues are headed in that direction today!! I am so close to having the small blocks for the guild challenge done, and I am getting excited!!! This sewing for 20 minutes a day, it makes a huge dent in my plans!! Even if I just cut, organzie, figure out what to do next, tidy a bit, it makes a huge difference. Huge. It's amazing what you can do in what you would consider not enough time. But, sewing on a couple rounds, or even just part of one round, at least when I come back - that is already done.............
And I have made myself a list of thing to get done this week. I think that is called "Goals" .......
One of the goals is to make muffins that I really like with sweet potato in them - but, before I can - or should do that - the oven desperatly needs cleaning, so guess what else I am doing?? Yup, oven is sprayed and I am waiting the 2 hours till I get to clean it!! OH, what fun!!!
-I have already done most of the laundry, sheets are next than, that is off the list.
-Have made the fish some fresh water - and have watered the plants with the water from the aqarium.
-My big goal this week - get the blue blocks all done!! Cut to size and have it ready to sew into a top - by Sunday, if not before!!
I am getting revved about this!!! Oh Yes I am!!!! I still have to get the backing for it - flannel, all blue, and I have seen two fabrics I like, so next paycheck, I am getting it!!
I think this idea of making a week long list is a good one. Not a daily one - it's to easy to feel bad if you don't make it to the finish line that day, but if you've got a couple days, you can fit it in.....
And I am off to keep working on my list and cut some fabrics!!! Blue blocks, you are almost done!!!!!!


  1. I have a soft spot in my heart for batiks and I love your 2 new purchases. That flannel looks perfect for the back of a Christmas quilt.
    I hope you will share your recipe for the sweet potato muffins on your blog.

  2. You have completely inspired me to make a weekly schedule! I only wish I could accomplish as much as you seem to . . .

    I used to work from a schedule and seemed much more productive, so I know it can work . . . I'm so glad I popped in to visit you today!

  3. goals. I get nowhere without goals! small goals, weekly goals. Anything further out, I fold! I have a top ready to quilt, one to bind, and am piecing one. And too busy to spend much time on either! Rats! ROFL I wish I was able to go shopping with you!! I love those blue batiks.