Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stash 188 5/8 yrds!!!

Okay, I have finally made it on here to post today!!! Yeah me!! I have come on and read, but I just didn't feel like talking, so.....

Anyways, yes, I have shopped this week!! One was just therapy for me - I was not in a good mood, and I decided to go and pick up my big machine (the store was open late for leperchauns day) and I went. So, my machine did not die when it made that awful noise and not only scared me, but completly stopped working!!!! It is back in working order, although, I have not tried it myself yet, but it will be back where it belongs tomorrow.

While shopping, I bought fabric for yesterdays class - the Lone Start blk we were being taught. I realized, I sew s-l-o-w-l-y!!! Not backwards, but not as fast as the other women there!! But, I was also the one who took people to where the bathrooms were and ... well, I just am not a speedy sewer!!! But I do have fun!!!
Here is as far as I got on this blk!!

The side triangles are not sewn on yet, and the pieces are not sewn together yet, but this is what 1/4 of the block will look like!! I think it's pretty. And I am using a pink batik background.

Here is what it looks like as you are putting it together - kinda messy!!! And I would have had more pics for you, but the batteries on my camera died!!! I was just thinking the batteries were lasting a long time, set the camera down, and when I picked it up again for the next shot - dead!!! lol!!

And I bought myself a new toy yesterday. Did I need it??? Nope. But, I now own a take-along ironing and cutting surface when I have classes to go to. For the blk we did, you have fusible web that you work with, and you iron a litte bit on each piece so they don't move as you are sewing them together....
Before the ladies left who taught the class, I bought more fusible to do two more blks!! My girlfriend bought enough for a whole quilt!!!

And I got my blue blks sewn together today. Not happy about this, but the other day, my DD and hubby were playing - he was chasing her - and she went into my sewing room........ uh, hit the 'wall' - which is not stable at all, and ALL THE QUILT PIECES landed on the ground........ I am so glad I had sewn some together, in retrospect, I should have sewn them all, but who knew they would wreck my top???????? Even though I had pictures, I had also moved the pieces around, and made it the way I wanted it.... After this happened, I just, well, I tried to put it back the way it was, but I just couldn't seem to get it right. Today, I layed them out and sewed them - it's done.

And it's name is "Mishap". You know 'unfortunate accident'. It does not look the way I wanted it, but it's done. And done is better than another UFO - so all it needs is a border and backing and off to my quilter!!!! And for the first time I have done a guild challange!!!! And the best part, I am following my new 'rule' of finishing what I start!!!

Today, I also worked on my Piece and Goodwill blks!!! I have pieces ready to be made into blks and some need to be worked on some more!!!! but the beauty of it is, I am working on it and loving it!!!

Have a great week coming up. I plan on sewing everyday - getting things done. And enjoying every minute of it!!

OH! Stash Report!!! (almost forgot!!)
I bought 2 5/8 yrd this week. So, that makes my numbers bigger. I have to figure out what the blue blocks used, and then I will have a real report for next week. I am just not having a very good time this weekend. I keep escaping into my crafts just to be alone, and that is not me....... Tomorrow will be better. I will make sure of it!!!


  1. The lonestar block is so pretty. I see why a class is needed it really looks complicated to do. I hope you have a better day today and the week is more promising for you. BTW the portable cutting board with ironing surface is great for classes. I have one and love it. Glad the machine is back. I take mine in next Sat and hopefully is can be done "while we wait" the closest repair shop is one hour away so we will shop etc while they fix it.

  2. Love your color/fabric choices for the lonestar! I haven't attempted that pattern...yet! 8-)

    Hope all is going well!

    Back to the wedding quilts...

    Happy stitchings!