Friday, March 12, 2010

Blue Blocks Are DONE!!!

Yes, all my blue blocks are sew together, the 6 1/2" ones are the right size and I made an extra lrg. 15 1/2" one!! So, I have 16 of those instead of the 15 I needed!!

I am so glad they are done, especially at the end when I kept cutting one of my fabrics to small!!! It was suppose to be cut 8 1/2" long, so I cut it 8" twice instead!!! AARRGGHHHH!! But, I pulled out the fabric again and cut it, again!!!! Third times the charm!!

And, I listened to my music loud today, and just enjoyed myself!! And then, I got a phone call! Even though I had a phone in my room with me, my daughter had to come and give me her phone 'cause, ahem, I didn't hear mine ring!!! lol!! And it was my new boss - phoning to ask me a question about the schedual..... did I mind working 10-5 Monday to Fridays??? Uh, yeah!!! EXCELLANT!!! So, I definitly said YES!! And she will even work around my BOM day, and that is fantastic!! Like I told her, if she can't do it, it's fine, but she told me she would, so, I can still go to my BOM on the second Tuesday of the month!! I told her I get back into town at noon, so I could be to work then. I told Costco that I had a standing appointment on that day, and didn't tell them what it was (let them wounder.....) and so I always had it off so I could go to my BOM meeting!!!

My Blue Blocks are done!! Once I get the big blocks cut to size, this baby is being sewn together and off to the long arm quilter!! (I will go get that flannel I like first though!!!)
Oh yeah, this is good!!!

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