Monday, March 8, 2010

Design Wall Monday!! March 8 - Box Block!

This is my wall right now - I am working on the 6 1/2" blks - there are two sets of them. If you notice the center blk - one is 3 1/2", and one is 2 1/2". 24 each, so 48 all together. I still have the large blks to make - it's center is 6 1/2" - only 15 of these, so that will go quick.

And yes, you stil can see the Piece & Goodwill blks that I am doing with friends.. It would be fun to do a Christmas quilt a month this year - and it is totally do-able considering I have some in the UFO pile that are so close to done, I should just make it so!!!
Plus a wall hanging that just needs binding! Binding for crying out loud!!!!!! Brenda! FINISH IT!!!!!!!!

I walked to work yesterday. I enjoyed it. No sidewalks down one road, but hey, it's the way to get there!! People don't walk much in this town. Some do. And I want to. It's a 1/2 hour walk, so it's nice. I put on my CD player - yes, CD. And headphones and just like driving to work, I listen to things that make me think, laugh, or I just enjoy a story! I plan on walking more than driving, so my daughter is happy - my car is accesible now and she can use it!!

Spring is working it's way here. Snow though is in the forcast, but we need it badly. Moisture, not necessarily snow, but we do need the ground to get some wetness to it. Farmers are already cashing in their insurace for failed crops - it's that bad. Here is to beautiful weather - gorgeous sunshine and calm winds. And dreams that come true!
Off to see your work on your walls!! And possible shopping today - do I go to the sale or stay home......... oh boy, I have not decided yet and I've been thinking about it since yesterday!!! bye!!


  1. This blue quilt will be beautiful when finished.
    Congratulations for walking, it is good to you your health will say thanks. Enjoy the spring time.

  2. I love your blocks! Are you following a pattern? Go shopping! Something new is always fun. ;-) LOL And then be sure to show us what you found. ;-))

  3. Wow, love your blue blocks and can't wait to see the finished top.
    Way to go on walking to work. It's a nice way to prepare for your day and then relax on the return. We used to walk and ride our bikes everywhere when we lived in Belgium and I really miss it.
    And I would say you have to remind yourself that you work at a job as well as quilt so it just takes a little longer to finish your projects. The big thing is that you do finish and that makes you happier!

  4. the blue quilt is coming along nicely, i need to walk too...but saying that is as far as it gets so far (I am a slug) good for you.