Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stash Busting Sunday - still at 186 yrds!!

I have not bought anything this week, but not for lack of thinking about it though!! I was going to go look for more blue the other day, but was with people who just wouldn't not have liked me going to a fabric store... so I didn't. Which is okay - I still have enough, for now anyway..... I have 1/2 of my little blue blks done now!! Over half actually, and will have more done tonight!!

And I have made a list of goals - yes, this is an old picture - but these are the blks that I have finished the 24 of - then 24 more, and 15 big, and I am done the blocks!! And that was my goal. To have all the guild challenge blocks done by the end of March - no, to have the blks done this week and it all sewn together by the end of March - and into the quilters it will go!!!

I am finishing my projects!! All of 'em!! and I will be busting my stash - and then getting myself a new one!!!!

So, this week, nothin in, nothing out and I am still working on the guild quilt, the christmas quilt, and, thankfully, I have not started anything new!!!


  1. I look forward to seeing your finishes. All of 'em! Goals are a great thing they really help us focus. You are doing great.

  2. I guess it is good to have certain people keep you out of fabric stores, but maybe we should convert them to fabric shoppers too?

    I like your blue blocks!