Saturday, March 13, 2010

Here are the blks in a tentative setting

My blocks!! Well, they are all done!! And here they are!!!

Oh - this pic looks bad!! lol!!

My daughter just came out and asked me if I am keeping the blue quilt - she went and checked it out (without me asking her what she thought!! she went in there on her own!!) and told me she likes and wants it!! lol!!

I have moved a couple blks around. I like this setting right now, but before I do make it permanent, I will keep looking for a bit - probably a half hour!!! lol I want this done and off to the quilter!!!

I have done a challenge!!! yeah me!!!

I am in a very tight spot in my sewing room for my 'wall' and I am trying to show you all the quilt, so it has 3 pictures - some of the blks are the same, but it's confusing because the above photo was taken sideways......

But I am not sure how I feel about it - I just want it done - and it's not for anything special, it's just to do a challenge and finish my project. Maybe the frustration with the pattern and cutting it all out, makes me think - enough!!
Now, it needs to be sewn and made smaller!! It's funny how much smaller a project gets when all the seams are sewn together!! 1/4" does add up!
Have a super weekend and don't forget to move your clocks forward tonight, if you live in a place where the time changes tonight!!! I do, and I will remember!!!! Bye!


  1. I love all the blue blocks! Will you give it to your DD when it's done?

  2. I quit worrying about whether something is special--and focus more on getting it finished! Sometimes I really LIKE the ones that I haven't fretted over.

  3. Did you go with this?

    I'm thinking about all the dark blue big blocks on the bottom...

    I love that you're finishing this project!!

  4. Oh Brenda! Your blocks look wonderful together!!! I love blue! 8-)
    You've been a busy gal out your way! Good for you!
    Do you have any finished PhDs for me to mark as done?
    Wow! I see you've got a new job!!!! Whoopee!!! Good for you!!! How is it going? Do you have more "quilting" time with this job? Are you enjoying it?