Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stash Busting week 9

Stash - 160 1/8 yrds
Old Stash ounted - 9 1/2 yrds

Fabric Added: 0
Fab. Year to Date: 13 1/8 yrd

Fab Used - 0 (I need to count up what I used making the green sashing and orange stars)
Year to Date - 16 yrds

Total Stash Count- 160 1/8 yrds

So, this is showing no change from last week, but I did get things done!! Not like the week before, but still my alien quilt top is done (I think..... ).

This coming week, I am going:
-to finish step 4 of Double Delight, thought I would have done it this past week, but oh well.
-Count more of my stash, and get some more of my projects that I have planned to do from my red binder worked on!! (this is the binder where I put the projects I want to do or am working on it, and these are things I want to do first!! No, the alien quilt was not in the binder.....)
-That means more 'Twilight'blks and hopefully get some of my guild blks done. Once they are done, I can stop feeling like they need to be worked on!!!

And maybe.... work on the quilt Judy had posted the other day....... should I???? Shouldn't I???? See, this is where I get myself into trouble!! lol!Here is another of my projects I am working on. It's a Judy Martin pattern from her "Scraps" book - 'Flower Child'. It's for my older daugher. And it is on my 'please finish me' pile. I had it up on my design wall one day (for a few days actually) and she really upset me, so I took it down and put it away... it will come out, soon, it's beautiful. I think so anyway. I just thought I would leave a picture here to show you that I love to piece things together.... quilting... well, I hope someday to be doing that too!!

Have a great week everyone, and I will see you next week!!!!


  1. that project is gorgeous! love the fabrics and colors you are using. She is going to love it. DD must be a teen to have upset you. Time will heal that.
    Eileen C

  2. I , too love the scrappy flowers! such happy know a 'zero'in week for stashbusting is a very good thing! :)

    See you in the sewing room :)

  3. Thank you for stopping by and following my "Just Say HI" mandate. LOL.

    I think you and I should be friends. I like your style!

    I have completed 128 of said HSTs...My favorite part has been cutting 256 little tails off the buggers. I will at least get the rest sewn by tonight--that counts, right? I may have to cheat.

    And, now, that I've been "goaded" into Judy's Stashbuster quilt...hahahaha, I will be picking out fabrics this evening.

    Stop by anytime!

  4. That is a great quilt in the making you've got photoed here! Love it! Love the colors! 8-)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    WOW that's a beautiful quilt ... hmmm I might have to get that book. Thanks