Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blender Explosion!!

What a way to start the day!! Every morning, lately, we have a smoothie. No, we don't follow a recipe or anything, we just throw fozen fruit into the blender and see what we end up with.

Well, this past couple weeks, we have had two new blenders!! The first one to come in was because our blender, the part that attaches to the blender, it just broke. I thought the motor would go, but it didn't!! Good motor!! So, we brought a Black & Decker 'Cyclone' home. Strong motor, looked good, and it was, if you could ingnore the part where once I put the blener onto the motor, it didn't always want to come off again...... so, yes, I would pour with the blender still attached to the motor!!!! It depended on how you attached it, the pieces would grab hold of each other and not want to let go... but I took it back when I could see the blades on the bottom of the blender coming apart. Home comes #2 - and today, it's only been about 4-5 days, as I am making this smoothy, I threw in a piece of frozen banana, and it make this grinding yucky noise, I see the blender itself moving and smoothy coming out the bottom and then silence!!!!!

Well. Uh. What just happened here??????

Besides the mess it made, The whole thing that makes a blender blend, was in pieces!!!!!!! I cleaned up the mess and took that baby back!! I now am the owner of an Oster blender. All metal - I am not playing with plastic teeth again, and where the motor and blender attach, it's just an easy, no teeth involved, put it on the metal thing sticking up the middle into the hole in the blender base!!!! YES!!!! This should be easy to put on and no surprises when you try to take it off!! And tomorrow, we are back in the smootie business!!!

That really threw off my morning!! I do not like surprises!! lol!!

So, here are some of my Stash Buster pics with the border on. And a close up of one of the blks! Basically my blks are outdoor things, flowers, bugs, trees, animals, balloons, just things that make yout think 'outdoors'. And my border and setting trianges are baseballs!! And I did use the red I bought!! So what do you think??

I don't know why they are looking like this..... weird. Lately when I try to post a pic, it does not look like 'normal' even though I have not changed what I do when I try to post.....

Let me try to show the bug blk. then call it done!!! Have great Wednesday!! Hmmm, so why did that one work out bigger than the other two???? I just don't get it!! I am going to go make myself some tea and not worry about it!! OH!!

I forgot!! I want to share a 'recipe' with you, if you can call it that!! I do not usually cook with cans, I like fresh foods but I do use canned to go into my stuff. Anyways!! My hubby, the other day made this and I loved it!! It's soup - so here goes...
Campbell's Chunky Soups - get New England Clam Chowder
Sea Food Chowder
Chicken Corn Chowder
and a little can of Camplbell's Potato Soup.
Put all of the above into the pot, and mix in a 1/2 Potato soup can of milk. Heat till good to eat. This to me is the perfect camping food!!! It's all canned, it's really good, and very filling!!!!! So, I just thought I would share with you something I would never have thought to make, and something I really enjoyed!!! (could it be because no one was bugging me with "what for supper??' question and just had supper made when I realized I was hungry?? lol!!)

Anyways, I have already started another project - and have not done my BOM's!!! But I will. Yes, I will - Plus Step 5 of Double Delight!! off to do dishes now! Some fun, huh Bambi?!


  1. My comment was lost in cyber space due to operator error I'm sure....

    The quilt looks great. I love the fabrics!

    I think my blender is broken, too. I don't use it hardly at all. My bro tried to use it over Thanksgiving and had mixed drink all over my counter and floor after the liquid came out of the bottom. I don't know if it was broken or if it just wasn't assembled right.

    My quilt sits unfinished except for the two rows on my table. I've not been in the mood to quilt with family stuff/activities going on and problems. I hope to get back at it this weekend. Thursdays are my Fridays so may be tomorrow. The final steps of the Twilight Mystery Quilt are to be released soon supposedly. I'm still annoyed by the delays. How one tries to host a BOM without having all the steps completed is still beyond me!

  2. Sorry to hear of all your blender bloopers! We've had some experiences similar. Nothing beats a really good blender!! When you've had one good one, that has gone kapput, it is hard to find another... 8-)
    Quilt looking great! 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  3. I don't have a blender. I like the red border. Interesting quilt