Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mistakes. Why?? Oh Why??!!

Yesterday, I sewed up my boxed stars with sashing. I am not lovin' it, but it's done. I changed the sashing fabric, and I am questioning myself on the change. Should I have stayed with my first colour choice, or not??? Then, I thought, if I had stayed with the first choice, I would be woundering if I should have went with the second!!

Then I realized I do not have enough of the green for the border, so I knew I had to change that. But anyways, it is sitting on my design wall, and my daugher comes in. I ask her what she thinks? She says, "I don't know.... what's wrong with this blk???" and then goes "OH!! I see, this is wrong, the point is the wrong way!!" One of the 4 little blks, when I sewed it all together, I turned it around!!! I asked her to check the others and see if she sees anything else. She does!!!

So I have 2 blks I need to fix now. When she found the 2nd one, I laughed and said, "Nope, they are staying like that!!" but, I know I can't leave it.... so I am going to be unsewing today.

Funny how you can be looking at this thing all day, and not see what you've done!!! And I had to look at them alot!! oh well.

After I got the sashing on the blks, I pulled out the Double Delight and am now working on that. I will unsew, after I've got step 5 done.

I took the green fabric that I had thought I would use for the boxed stars, and put it on a pile to maybe make 'Jared Takes a Wife' quilt from Bonnie Hunters site. I am not doing it now!! But I can plan and make a kit.......

So, after I un-sew and fix, and step 5 is done, my Goose Tracks is next, then....... *heavy sigh* I have to get some PhD's worked on. Out of sight, out of mind, and that is just not right......... I love starting new!! But after a couple days, new isn't 'new' anymore - and I like my PhD's!!! (Projects Half Done!! When I told my guild this one, I loved to hear the laughter!!!) "I can't this weekend, I'm sorry, I'm working on my PhD. Maybe next weekend, but I've got to get this done!!" Sounds way better than "I'm working on my UFO's"
And with that, I am going to go watch "The View", then off to talk to a lady about ........ I might have job today..... And I am scared about it. Very scared. It's a woman who is starting a quilt shop in town, and she has made comments about me teaching!!!! WHAT??!!??! Anyways, she has also talked of working in the store and honestly, I am just scared. She said come talk to me on Tuesday, and it's Tuesday....... So, I am going to finish my tea and get ready and talk......


  1. Oh Good Luck on the job! The best day of my quilty life was the day the owner of my local quilt shop in MA called about my coming in to discuss working part-time! WoooHooo! I loved it... loved every minute of it! And it's the only thing I miss about MA.

    And the mistakes... I've also had a top assembled and stood back to look at it and thought... $%&*@! No matter how hard you try - it's just too easy to turn something the wrong way between the design board and the sewing machine. I've even turned a whole row and put it in place upside down.

  2. I have made the boxed stars and that is a great pattern. I have made my fair share of wrong ways on blocks too. Good thing you found it before you got too far!

  3. Okay, so I'm mega excited for you....but jealous!! Congratulations!!! I don't think I'd want to teach, but I've lusted after a quilt shop job. I wouldn't be a good teacher, though. I've only had one experience of late trying to help someone to quilt and I was pulling my hair out. You're probably not surprised.

    Work today was.....ugh! One of the two partners was out of the office again today. He left me notes for all the things I was supposed to get done "asap" and then when I started to do the things, I soon found out that he'd already worked on most of them. I should have been happy that he had done everything, but I wasn't... I get frustrated and stressed. Yeah, sounds like a personal problems to me. LOL.

    Frustrated--yes...I am still trying to collect $676 from one mom from my Brownie troop. She didn't turn ANY of her money in. We turned in the troop's cookie money over a week ago. Her excuse...she's been working 16 hours days it slipped her mind. Never mind the numerous phone calls and emails. It's all our profit and I even think my co-leader had to cover some of the money.

    PhD--I'm so glad that you explained that one. May I borrow that term? I absolutely love it! Still plugging away on the Stash quilt. If I can stand to be in the same room with my dh, I may sew tonight. I bought "Bolt" today so at least the kids will be busy. Caroline had a fit, no exaggeration, because I wouldn't let her take Twilight in her room to watch it. (she could have watched it out in the main room). She is such a teenager sometimes. Before you roll your eyes--my kids can't seem to take care of movies and they always end up scratched. Twilight is MINE!

    I won't even suggest that you leave the two blocks. I could never leave them either.

    Off to dinner....

  4. LOL! I can relate! Love starting new, but new doesn't last too long before it is old...And unstitching (doing the rippit stitch is all part and parcel of stitching... 8-)

    That Jared Takes a Wife is another great quilt! Another one to think about! yikes!

    A possible job at a quilt shop for you! Wow! You know how many of us would love that! Go for it! Really! If you get it, at least try 3 months!!! I would! 8-)

    Now, back to my PhD!
    Happy stitchings!