Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Having trouble staying motivated.....

Well, today, I got into my sewing room, did a bit and felt my energy and motivation slowly leave the room.......

And, I started picking out fabrics for Judy's Stash Busting Mystery quilt!!

Not really a good thing, but that is what I did. So, now I have step 4 of the Double Delight spread around my room in pieces, but I have got these 4 blks done, with more waiting to be sewn together, well, pieces of them anyway!! I only have 26 more to go...... and it's taking me forever, at least it is feeling that way. And why wouldn't it??? Every time I go work on it, something distracts me and I leave..........

Well, todays distraction is - I will show you my fabrics that I have picked out for the mystery ..... I just looked for lights and darks, with no real plan, just wanted them to be light or dark. Then, I found myself choosing bug prints or flowers, butterflies, so that is my lights with other ones that will go with them.

The darks are blues, greens, a couple purples and some blacks, one dark red. I am thinking that it might be a nice combination....... I have trouble with getting things to match, and find that is probably why I like scrappy. So, this is the start of Judy's mystery. I will work a bit more on the blks above, and then I might do some cutting..... I was thinking of working on this quilt - the mystery - this weekend, but Judy has said she is emailing the next step for those who have shown that they are working on it!!! Well, I had better get working on it then!!!! And that is probably why I was so distracted today, I want the next step!!!

So, not that you can really tell what the fabrics are, but they are definitly light & dark!
And it's sitting on my ironing board, so I have to do something with them. Might as well cut 'em up and sew 'em together....... Another, 'hey I gotta try this'!! I am weak. But, I do have fun!!


  1. Ha! You go for it! Better you than me I say!!! I am still digging out from under my UFOs! lol! 8-)

    Your DD blocks look great!

    Happy ironing, cutting, and stitchings!

  2. Yay, looking good....

    I have to spread my cutting over a period of time to save boredom and my hands. I need my own personal cutting person. A better cutting table would help.

    I find it difficult to make so many of the same blocks.

  3. The DD blocks are turning out very good!
    I wasn't very motivated last week, but when Judy started the new project I just had to go for it. They are very easy blocks to make and sort of addictive. I can't wait to see everyone's finished quilts.