Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stash Busting week 11

Okay, I changed my numbers!!

Stash - 168 1/8
Old Stash Counted - 0

Fabric Added - 2 yrds
Fab. added YTD - 15 1/8

Fabric used - 6 1/2 yrds
Fab. used YTD - 22 1/2

Total Stash Count - 164 yrds

(I counted the Stash project with borders because they will be on this week, and I just fudged it with the fractions... so I am going to leave it as 164 yrds stash. I am getting better at the math, but it's not always easy for me......) But I do have pictures!!

Judy's Stash Buster!! It works up very quickly. I am thinking it would make a great car quilt, for those times when you would like to have something to wrap around you, or to sit on (put it folded on a bench and it would be a little softer to sit on it!!) But, lets just get it to the finishing stage before we start to use it!! lol!)

I made more 'Twilight' Blks yesterday! Since each pattern says to make two blks and I do not want the blks the same, on one, I just moved the two colors around - on the other I choose two different fabrics. The one with the orange blks, when I had the two fabrics side by side. they looked really good together, each the same intensity - in the blk, orange took right over!! I was woundering if it would have been that way if I had reversed their order, but oh well, it's done now, and I am not re-doing it!! (she says now........)

Funny, I kinda like the orange blk..... it looks cosmic... (is that a word???!) I am going to leave it....

This coming up week, I am doing my BOM's!! I got my CAM. BOM on Tuesday, and the Goose Tracks one is out today!! So I can go work on that one - at least print it off anyway. I am liking those blks. And I could do my guild ones, (but those blks are just not speaking to me, no desire to work on them.......) and I found my PhD of the flip flops.... thongs - they are thongs!!! But I have to remember not to say that in public!!! So I just might pull that out and work on it because, it's snowing out there again........

Till next week - change that needle, wind some bobbins, and let your self be free!!!!!


  1. Hey, a car quilt is a good idea!

    Loving those blues blocks.

  2. Oh, the twilight blocks do look Cosmic!! Ok, Have to ask-why won't the guild speak to you?? Inquiring minds you know. . .

  3. I like your blocks. If it were me, they'd stay as they lay! Good report!

  4. Oh, I get it, I need to have more coffee in the am when I read posts Brenda. I have the same problems sometimes some blocks just don't do it for me.

  5. Is it the colour that you don't like in the guild blocks or just the blocks? I like the orange block and yes it does look "Cosmic". Have a great week quilting.

  6. No matter how many I see, Judy's stashbuster quilt is a real winner!

  7. Great job on the stash quilt and using the stash! Love the blocks you are putting together :0)

  8. Your Stash Project Quilt looks great!! Will you quilt it yourself?

    I'm a huge fan of orange, but rarely use it. I love your star blocks and my favorite is the one with orange.

    I don't know what my hurry is, but I'm so itching to finish mine...My blocks are all sewn together into rows. I had the worst time finding fabric for my setting triangles. Most of my fabric is 1yd cuts and less. I could have gone scrappy, but I finally found a 2yd cut that will work. I cut the triangles bigger than instructed because I like things to "float". I've got Brownies tonight so now sewing.

    I finished watching 24 last night. I was shocked by the turn of events. I can't wait until season 2 becomes available for me to check out. My mom has Season 3 and 4.

    Happy Sewing!!

  9. YES!!! They are Thongs, not Flip-Flops!!! I am in total agreement with you! I look forward to seeing that quilt! I should make one for my eldest. Her main foot-ware in life from April till late October, if she can get away with it! 8-)
    Your "Judy's stash buster" looks great! I hadn't seen such on point anywhere! Your blocks are looking good too! 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  10. Love the twilight blocks! The fabrics compliment the pattern nicely.

  11. Those blue on blue with black stars get my vote. Thanks for visiting my blog. It's always fun to 'see' a new face. :)

  12. I really like the black background fabric you have used in these blocks. I said thongs to a grade 6 class once and the girls laughed their heads off and the boys with no sisters looked really puzzled. Lol. In Australia they always wear them and they call them thongs.

  13. Hi Brenda, glad to know that I'm not the only one with bad days aka the binding blues. Hope you got your border situation all fixed up. Love the "Judy Stash Buster" quilt top. I'll come again for another visit!

  14. You have been busy Brenda! I love your stars and your stash-buster! I am sewing today~ ;-)
    Have fun!