Sunday, March 8, 2009

Stash Busting week 10

Well, I have no changes for the past two weeks!!! The above blk was for a friends quilt - we all made a blk for it and this was mine!

I have been sewing, but no numbers to report. I did pull out fabrics for Judy L's mystery, but have not started cutting them so I can't cout them! All my other projects are still works in progress, so I won't do their numbers till the project is done. And, I have not been leaving the house to go to any stores so couldn't buy anything either..... And I did not count any of my stash, which I had ment to do. I had better stop staring out the window watching snow flying by and get my butt in gear to make some changes in my Stash Busting numbers!!

So, my stash number is still 168 1/8 yrds.

Okay, I have to get this post on the web, so I can do my Stash Busting report...... as little as it is, you can't have huge numbers every week!! Or, can you?????.......................... hmmm, something to think about............................ :-)

The Dory Award,for those who can't remember Squat!

I just found this on "Tactile Pleasures" site and it's not to be an award that's given to people, it's an award to be taken, so if this is you, feel free to take it!! I laughed when I saw it, and now I have my own award!! Isn't it funny!! This is how my week has been feeling, so right now this is perfect!! lol!


  1. I've just finished the blocks for Judy's Stash Project (mystery) and they went together very, very quickly! Get going on that one, you'll be happy you did!

  2. Wow, that block is so cool!

    Still plugging away with my projects. I was ill last night. We went to Community Dinner at church at the spur of the moment. Michael and Zach were out all day and I had no idea when they would be home. C got a call from one of her friends to ask if we were going to dinner. It wasn't anything special--just leftovers from a funeral reception held earlier in the day. I didn't have to cook.

    I felt horrible when I got home. I thought I was coming down with the flu, but I feel better today.

    I have a lot of sewing plans for today mixed in with housework. Fun, Fun!!

  3. I haven't made a huge dent in my stash over the past couple of weeks myself. However, slow and steady sewing will make the stash smaller! I want to enjoy the process too so I am not rushing thru things just to bust the stash either. Love the block pictured. I would like a whole quilt with that pattern.

  4. Keep plugging along on your projects then the stash numbers will start to add up! I made a few lap quilts that helped my numbers. Now I'm making bed quilts which will take longer to show results...

    Love the Dorie Award!

  5. What a bright and cheery block! 8-)
    I haven't been up to much with sewing...just finishing up some sleeves and labels... I may enter the sewing room sometime today... after grocery shopping... if I even get there... sluggish day... time change... you know! Or do you? lol! 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  6. I definitely need a Dory .... cute block too.

  7. I love to check everyone's stash busting report, and then cruise back thru their blogs. The tape on your sewing machine. Yup, just changed my needle not too long ago! The "working fish". Finances. Yup, you're normal!! I enjoy reading about it all. I love the Goose blocks.

  8. That block is way cool! NO change is a good thing with stash busting. It's better than buying too much! After some purchases on Sunday and someone gave me some on Monday, I am not negative. :(

  9. Brenda,

    I can't tell you how much I appreciate you stopping by and your pep talks. They really keep me on my toes. I'm finding that my online friendships are most rewarding and fit my needs at the present time.

    I'm feeling a little better today, but I still have a nagging headache. hmmmmm.... I'm trying to figure it out. I feel fine otherwise.

    I'm desperate to work on something else besides THE quilt. I'm at the point in this one when all I want to be is DONE! I'm itching to make some Civil War Diary blocks since I haven't done any in so long and I also have that house BOM. So many projects so little time. I can sew with impunity this weekend since the boys will be camping.