Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I have just added another book to my list. I enjoyed the this one. I have actually enjoyed them all.
Chief Dan George, a very well known person who lived by Vancouver and is a movie star too!! Well, when I was a child he always seemed to be close by where my family and I were. We go to events and sure enought, he was seemed to always be around us. Coincident? Maybe, but My sister told me that I am in pictures with him. I just know, when I saw this book being deleated from the library here in town, I had to have it. I loved this man. And this book really got me to thinking about the first people on Canadian soil. We. No, they really did not understand these people at all when they came to this country and 'knew better' how things should be. I have more of an understanding of what these gentle souls have had to endure. I am glad I read this book. Glad I found it.

Same as "Book" by Whoopi Goldberg!! Some times I was shocked at what she said, other times I laughed and sometimes she managed to embarass me!!! But, she is right, I think, about alot of things I had never thought of. I liked to read her point of view. And I am glad to have read this book too.

"The Zoo that Never Was" is about a man and his wife who ended up spending alot of their days mending wild animals that got hurt around their acerage in the wilderness of Ontairo in the late '60's. They didn't mange to save everyone but...... The book starts out with him finding a bear cub in the woods by it's dead mother, and I found it a very interesting read. They never tried to 'keep' any of these critters, birds and anything else that came their way - they are wild animals and that is where they belong, but some choose to visit alot, or hang close by. True events and I liked it because living on the land has always been a thought of mine....... but would I do it if I could??? Am not sure.

My first book - "Cat o'Nine Tales" is 9 short stories. (Good bathroom book, quick to read each story.) One story will stay with me a long time. My little sis is trying to be divored...... and I won't get into it. But one story, is about divorce and I loved it!!! If something along those lines could happen with the judge during her case, I would celebrate......... Loved it!!!

And today, because I like to sew with noise around me - my CD player going with either music or some one giving me advice or how-to's or telling me a story, today I picked up the Unabridged (the only way to get an audio book) "How to see yourself as you really are" by His holiness the Dalai Lama. My question is: Do I really want to see me as I really am??????

What if I don't like myself??? What then???? Maybe that will come in the next audio book "What to do now that you realize are not who you thought you were!! And what to do about it....."

Until next time - get those projects going and sew, sew, sew!!! We are in for winter weather tonight and today as I did my running around, I had the window open and my arm haning out!! LOVED IT!!!!!! So, I do not want to know tonight is bringing in blizzard like condidtions - thank- you!! But I guess it's better to know than not to know. Have a great Wednesday night!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing your books with me.

    I am reading The Friday Night Knitting Club. I gave up on two books earlier this wee--a rarity for me, but sometimes you've just got to move on. I'm one who usually thinks there are no bad books, only ones that I'm not a good reader for. However, I would have to say that is found two this week.

    And, to see myself as I really am...hmmm. I'm in the same boat. I don't think I would like myself. I read two books last week "Sweethearts" and "The Adoration of Jenna Fox." Both are Fiction Y/A and very thought provoking. Self-image, reinventing oneself, discovering identities, and what makes us humans (especially Adoration) were some of the thought provoking themes.

  2. Hmmm, I just dumped a book last month I couldn't finish too. Just too wierd and depressing. I think I might be giving up on a good read and go back to some tried and true classics.

    I think that many of us think of ourselves differently than others percieve us, but I think that is normal. Your question reminds me of my DS's facination of the movie "The Matrix." He is always asking, "what if this isn't realy" as a joke of course but my answer is, "does it matter, it is real to me. I think that is my answer to how I think of myself. I just want to keep improving and being a better person.