Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Sun is Out!!

It is a beautiful sunny day here on the flat lands and I am inside with a mission. And Mission Accomplished!! I am done Step 4 of the Double Delight!! All 30 blks are done and on my design wall!! YEAH!!!! Last night, I made myself sit there till I got them all figured out (trying to not have two blue squares of the same fabric on top of one another in a blk. At then end, I let one blk be that way!) And all the seams have been pressed open, so that took some time. I just wanted to keep the bulk of the seams down. But you know what?? I like 'em. And I am really glad they are done!!!

I am also working on JudyL's Stash mystery - and they do go together really fast. That is also the reason why I will have different numbers for my stash report this week.... yes, I bought some fabric!! But I did not have a red, and I thought I could use it, and sitting on the shelf was one I thought would be perfect. And it will be, if I use it......... I keep changing my mind on how I want to finish that top, but what ever I decide, at least I will have fabric for it now!! The mystery is going to be kept in my cars trunk. That way, when I want to do an inpromtu picnic, or just lay somewhere in the sunshine, I am ready!!! So, I might make the backing of it out of denim... hmmmm, that is a good thought!!

And, before my hubby left for work, (he works out of town and left a few days ago....) he asked if I wanted to cook up the turkey we have had stored in the freezer for forever. I said yes, and it was left at that. I thought we would have that for dinner before he went away to work. Well, the now thawed turkey was found in our downstairs little fridge!!! He always asks if I want to cook it, but nothing ever is done about it!!! And he hadn't told me he had taken it out of the freezer!!! It's still fine and now it's cooking - so guess what we are having for supper tonight!??! And I will have leftover turkey meat for sandwiches and freezer meals!! That is why I need to get another turkey (or two, three......) this Easter. It is a cheap meat when you get it on sale!! And it goes a looooooong way!! And besides that, it's good!!!

Oh, here are my puppies!! Okay, they are not puppies, The girl, Zoe is going to be 11 yrs old next month, and the boy, is 2 yr. old Scrappy. We got him for her, as she had just gone through a horrible pregnancy that caused her to loose all the puppies while they were still inside her and was going through a major depression. I never thought she could get pregnant, she had never been caught before and at her age??? 9?? I know you can at that age, but I just thought she had something wrong inside that she just couldn't get pregnant. Surprise!! Well, she was so sad, so lethargic, that we knew she was headed to the playground in the sky..... so we decided to get her a puppy. The best thing we have ever done for her!! The ol' girl runs!!! And plays!! And jumps around!!!! And he is such a good dog. I just love him - even though I am not a male dog fan, he had changed my mind. Here they are:
This is Zoe. And here's my boy - Scrappy.
Now, it's time to do some more sewing and get ready for my guild meeting tonight...... Personally, I would rather stay home and watch CSI and sew but......... I used to have fun going to these meeting. I need to get the fun back. Okay, another mission.. can I do this one????
lol! Hope so. It's Friday tomorrow. I hope you have great plans for the weekend. I am making a picnic quilt - and then I will make plans to use it!! AFTER the snow has gone!!!
To the design wall then!! DD blks gone (for now) Stash Busting mystery, climb aboard and lets make a quilt top out of you!!!...........


  1. You double delight blocks look great! And your pups are cute too. ;-) Have a fun night!

  2. Your Double Delight is fab!!
    Great job.

  3. Your DD is looking good! Now, I expect to see all the 9-patches done for when I get home from my quilting retreat on Sunday night. OK!?! lol... 8-)

    You certainly have big fur-friends! Like the bandanas! 8-)

    Happy stitchings, and have a good weekend! I know I will!

  4. The quilt is awesome! I can't wait to see the mystery quilt....

    I have a Zoe, too! She is a Silkie Terrier and MY baby. We also have a Jasper, Baxter, Lucy, Ginger, and a Marvin. Twinkle-kitty, too. I am overrun. Here's Michael and Jasper:

    I think I'll be sewing today.