Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thinking things.....

"You can have what it is you want, or you can have your reasons for not having it"
~Werner Erhard

Well, I will fill you in on yesterday's 'talk'. Right now, the quilt shop is being started in the back of another store while she is waiting for the building to be built. So, it is in cramped quarters, and getting smaller all the time as stock comes in... so she is feeling a little stressed about it!! But I went and talked to her, and she asked me what I wanted. I told her I didn't know. And I don't.
So, she showed me a couple things, and as I was there ( I stayed for about 4 hrs!! just hanging out) I cut out a kit for a quilt that a fellow guild member is going to put together as a sample for the shop. And I got to take home the scraps!!
She told me to come and hang out when ever I wanted. And while I was there, I helped people, just like I was working there and it was comfortable. So, before I left, I told her I would come back today and cut her up some FQ's for the shop. She needs that, so we talked about where we could put them.
I am not 'working' there, but I am going to make myself avalible - but not schedualed/obligated to be there. I want to work there. I know I do. I can see myself there, but.... no buts. Say what you are thinking!! I do not want to loose myself in a job again. I do not want to put my heart and soul into it to have it thrown away again. When I really like something, I make myself avalible to it when ever needed, and that has been abused - I do not want to loose me again.
so, for right now, I am happy to be free to come and help when I want to help and free to leave when I want to. She is willing to give perks for any and all help she gets. And that is okay by me. I like perks.
And once the shop is up and running in the right spot - I can see me there, and possible teaching......... okay, relax girl!! Lets not get crazy!!!!

"Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone."
~Pablo Picasso


  1. Sounds good as long as you don't get taken advantage of volunteering, cause that can happen too! I hope the "perks" are good! 8-)
    At least it will give you some insight to "working" in a quilt shop! 8-)
    Now, get working on those PhDs!!! Quit "hiding" them! 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  2. hmmm..... I would love to work in a shop so I would be willing to "volunteer". However, I would still think it would suit the both of you to come to a pretty firm understanding of hours, duties, and benefits. It's easy to get caught up in a working friendship, but my experience is that you shouldn't sell yourself short and that these relationships can south fast. Forgive my pessimism...

  3. Sounds very interesting to me, the flexibility is cool. I think that being paid with fabrics would make me happy. I think you would have great fun teaching classes. Good luck!

  4. Remember, only you can let yourself be taken advantage of. But on the other hand...... My sister did this same thing and now she is the only worker in the shop that is not a family member and she teaches a few classes as well. Somehow you have to make youself indispensable. Good luck and have lots of fun, checking out the new stuff before it hits the shelf. But most importantly, try not to spend tooooooo much money!