Sunday, February 21, 2010

Design Wall Monday!!

It's Monday again, and I am off to the dentist this morning!! Oh what fun, uh, yeah, okay then..... but I thought I would at least show you my wall before I left today.

Here is what I am up to - Here I have made 4 more block for the Peace and Goodwill quilt a few of us are doing from Shannon's Christmas blog.

I think I like 'em!!

I have also made more pieces for these blks and I am not as 'done' as thought the other day!! When I counted the middle green/red squares, I am 9 short!! I have a few more pieces to make before I can really be done at least one part of this project!!

And here are some of my bits and pieces waiting to be the next choosen for the next block!!!

I am using a wide variety of the reds and greens and neutrals for this project. It's fun to see how far your miscellaneous pieces can go!!

I also am working on my guild challange. These blks are not as fun as I thought they would be, but I do like them - and am looking forward to seeing them all put together.

So, this is the next 4 of the 63 blocks I need for this project - 48 6.5" ones, two different kinds, centers are 2.5" & 3.5". The ones I worked on today, are the 3.5" centers. Only 17 more of this

size to go then!!! And I will get them done. This is the first challange that I am going to have finished on time. It has to be done by June, so I thought I would get it done way sooner than that - and yes, completly done!!! Have a super day and enjoy yourself! Keep sewing!!


  1. Beautiful blocks! Good luck at the dentist~ ;-)

  2. Looking good! I need to get busy....Feb's almost done for.

  3. Like your piece and goodwill work. For some reason your Christmas colors sparkle.

  4. I like the christmas blocks too! and the blue ones, like the contemporary look.